The reason for the Libyan invasion

Here is The Real and only Reason, Folks for the invasion of Libya and the massive destruction that Obama and his Coalition will leave behind to get what they want, not to mention the corpses of people living in an arid land.

 I wonder how Americans and Brits can sleep with their consciences the last few nights.  I hope you choke when you watch Hollywood’s latest or Oprah tonight.

 And please spare me the normal sweet talk of caring for the poor and oppressed peoples of the World.

21 Responses to “The reason for the Libyan invasion”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    Gee, Ike. Please Spare Me the watching of Oprah. And I agree with you about all this tender feeling about Africa. There is no amount of friendly feeling that can help Africa.

    According to Leaky and others Africa is where human beings started.

    So I think about Africa the way I think about Europe.

    The United States is composed of the descendants of people who were willing to risk everything to try for a better life. And I think that is why the U.S. has been so successful.

    Walking the descendant thing back a notch the people of Europe and Asia are the descendants of people who left Africa to try for a better life and became the Europeans and the Asians. The ones who stayed behind? The get-up-and-go genes aren’t in evidence.

    Your own country presents that thesis well. There were great resources and a fantastic growing environment so some people came in to take advantage of that and lo and behold! South Africa had the most powerful economy and military on the continent. But Africa wouldn’t have it. So now you have a country that spends a lot of its time asking other countries for handouts.

    Conrad was on to something when he wrote Heart of Darkness.

    So, if you will spare me the watching of Oprah I will spare you a rendition of Um Shimi Wan.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nolanimrod

      You have a remarkable grasp of the ideologies and perceptions that separate Africa from anywhere else.

      Here is one other thing though that you omitted; the words democracy, freedom, liberty and all the “isims” from socialism to Marxism have no meaning in Africa. Africa should be left alone to live the way of Africa; the people want a strong leader, if possible a benevolent one, but they don’t want or need the darn one man- one vote system that you are forcing down their throats.

      So I will spare you Oprah but go ahead with Shimi Wan.

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    Interesting that you should use the phrase One Man One Vote. That was the name given to the Supreme Court decision which, in effect, declared our Constitution unconstitutional.

    As I’m sure you know the U.S. Constitution two branches of the legislature. In the House of Representatives the representatives are apportioned by population. In the Senate each state gets two senators whether it has one resident or one billion.

    I thought it was a really cool way to go because in a way it give a vote to the land. The land needs a vote. A state like Wyoming or Oklahoma or Iowa may not have as many residents but the residents it does have realize that the crops have to be planted and weeded and the livestock has to be watered and fed despite the fact that you don’t feel like doing it that day or it’s a Federal Holiday. It gives them a different outlook from urban people who think that milk comes from the cooler at the local store whenever they feel like buying it.

    All the states (except Nebraska – being farmers they didn’t see why they should pay for two legislatures when one would do as well) copied the federal system and had their state legislatures separated into a senate, where each county (or, in the case of Louisiana, parish) had two senators and had representatives according to population. Just like the constitutionally-mandated federal system.

    Then the Supreme Court declared the system of representation mandated by the Constitution unconstitutional in Reynolds v. Sims, 377 U.S. 533 (1964).
    That was the One Man One Vote decision. The one that said that both the state senates and the state representatives must be done according to population. In effect declaring the U.S. Constitution unconstitutional if the states went according to it.

    The main reason this was done was that they thought it would increase the leverage of the black people voting because they were concentrated in the cities and black people vote Democrat en bloc.

    The Democrats have tried to expand upon this by passing laws which mandate that when someone signs up for any kind of welfare that person is automatically registered to vote. Then they went one further by passing the Motor-Voter act,which mandated that when anyone got a driving license he was automatically registered to vote (this, by the way, is why Democrats were so hot to give driving licenses to illegal aliens).

    So – that’s my One Man One Vote story. What’s yours?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      It works much simpler than that here. Every person over 18 gets to vote but it is just to be able to call the system Democratic. More than half of the voters are illiterate and don’t know what it means.

      Long before the election every party appoints a group of leaders much like you do and they vote for a leader and deputy leader and various other positions like chairpersons of various sub-committees. In the case of the ANC this body consists of about 3600 souls with smaller numbers depending on the size of the party for the others.

      On Election Day the people vote for the party of their choice. Special pictures on the ballot slip assist those who can’t read.

      The leader and deputy leader of the majority party then get nominated as President and Deputy President and Parliament rubber stamps the decisions.

      Oh, almost forgot, the party leader nominates his choice for deputy leader, so we already know who the president will be for the ten years starting 2119 when the current incumbent will have to retire, if he lasts that long.

      It’s all that simple; mostly everybody is happy.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    My friend Cheech submitted this comment in my Open Mailbox Post and I took the liberty to “transfer it here.

    “cheechdog Says:
    March 27, 2011 at 10:27 am | Reply edit
    Ike, stand by for more Animal Farm Speak from Obama and his minions.

    The latest is, Kinetic Military Action = War.”

  4. Ike Jakson Says:


    It’s like NewSpeak in Orville’s 1984. I heard he was going to speak to the House by phone today. Has he done so yet?

  5. Cheech Says:

    Ike, He addressed the entire nation last night and gave a rambling 28 minute diatribe on why he did what he did.

    Nothing has changed, He’s still a community organizer in the most powerful office in the world.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yeah Cheech

      I must have read 10 versions on the nuances of the speech [Swampland had at least half a dozen] but that’s where reality stopped. I was all about what “I” did and why “I did that” and even grassroots Democrats laughed in Swampland. It is still denied but “He” and “They” wanted Gadaffi in pursuit of which they would take side with the real enemy, the terro’s. How daft can you get?

      America will rue the day for generations to come.

  6. Bob Mack Says:

    Howdy Ike. I said this somewhere else, & I’ll say it again: To paraphrase FDR, Obama–a name that will live in infamy

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yup Bob

      On the button. But I am dumbfounded that he got the votes to win first time and it seems he may do it again. I don’t want to think of that possibility; it makes me shudder.

  7. Levent Says:

    Its been a while Just to say Hi. I hope you are doing fine Ike.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      What a pleasant surprise? Thank you. I am physically well except for the eye of course, but I am taking a break from Blogging.

      America in Egypt and then straight into Libya [now I hear Hillary Clinton threatening the Ivory Coast too] put me right off topic. The World is in a mess as it is and now they want to make a bigger mess of it; too many Americans who know nothing of the outside World are interfering when it would be best if they rather just disappear from the scene.

  8. bydesign001 Says:

    Hello there Ike, Thought I’d stop by to check up on you.

    Indeed the events that our leaders have gotten us into irks me like a bad rash.

    Obama violated the U. S. Constitution and thumbed his nose at the American people and Congress when he invaded Libya. Yes, Ike, I have the nerve to call it an invasion.

    The only thing worse than him doing so is how he did it. He waited until Congress was out on recess, flew a plane to Brazil and once on Brazilian soil informed the world, “oh yeah, we bombing Libya.”

    Just when I am of the opinion that Obama can do no worse, he does just that.

    And now the Ivory Coast.

    Unfortunately, I believe that many have missed the point. Obama is implementing his New World Order agenda. The narcissist bastard wants to be president of the world.

    He had no right going to the U.N. By doing so, he has attacked the sovereignty of both Libya and the United States.

    And now that the ice has been broken, this treasonous bastard has never been happier.

    Gosh, Ike, what will it take for the American people to wake up and realize that those running the country are evil? They must be disposed of come hell or high water.

    P.S. Forgive my manners, my friend. I pray that my rant finds you well.


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Lady BD

      Thanks for speaking you mind as always. Libya following right on the heels of Egypt and now the Ivory Coast became too much for me.

      The United States are now moving in the wrong direction; it is not something I ever thought that I would say one day but if disaster now strikes America it will be her own fault.

      The World should stay out of the affairs of other countries and should concentrate on solving home problems.

      Otherwise I am well except for the eye. I have a lot to be thankful for.

  9. Bob Mack Says:

    Howdy, Ike. Hope things are well.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bob

      I really appreciate your visit; it means a lot to me. God bless you.

      No, things are not real good right now; maybe it will look better tomorrow.

    • Levent Says:

      I hope you are referring to things in general when you said not good, Ike.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Thank you Levent

        Thank you, firstly for being there, my brother; and secondly for your concern.

        No, unfortunately it was not only from the general side. It was from an unexpected source from within the family, fortunately from one of the “married in” side but it caused deep wounds and hard words fell within the family. I had to take the brunt for a while and collapsed inwards under severe stress last Sunday.

        Fortunately for me the family had by then started forming a tight circle to deal with the invader and we won that battle by yesterday. I am under heavy medication and can’t do much more but we have won and will stand united in the final steps to cast the offender out into the darkness in the legal way and through the courts.

        Then there was Libya; as a whole adult life supporter and defender of America this “dumb war” caused me to re-think, particularly because the American participation came from what we can call the “unexpected side” and I woke up one morning with the distinct conviction that my position on America had changed virtually overnight.

        Though I will always respect the side of America which is supporting my condemnation of the Libya war I believe the other side, and unfortunately many of my friends on my side will pay a very high price for this atrocious and barbarous “War” on a small almost defenseless people. There is no way the World should condone this “new kind of terrorism.”

        But there is a positive side too and I see the hand of God in my life about it. I have finally reached the conclusion that your people and mine must embrace on the many points of agreement and learn to love each other in order to fight the enemy that is the real danger to both our sides.

        I would like to talk to you more about this as time goes by.

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Hi Levent
        I am much improved but still under heavy medication; my doctor tells me to give it six months towards full recovery but I am getting out of the ditch.
        See my other reply to your previous comment on my Post about the Libyan war. I was late about that because it came in when I was right down on the ground in the ditch. Read the rest in my reply to your comment in there.
        Go well, brother.

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