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The Price for a full Bin

May 12, 2011

Nobody can accuse me of standing with the Time Ragazine or any of their empty headed journalists but they hit a bull’s eye now and then; one such is:,8599,2070965,00.html

 Many people worldwide normally fond of or siding with America have been watching Iraq and Afghan with growing concern but I am afraid that I side with those who lifted their eyebrows at the fast growing American military expansion in the entire Middle East since Egypt followed so soon by Libya and the misplaced jubilation over the death of one man; not to mention Obama’s dismaying effort to look more hawkish than Bush/Cheney combined [as Time would have called it if these events occurred a few years ago] in seeking re-election.

 I am yet to see any Post better than the Time one on the topic.  Every American should keep a copy of the entire article and hand it down to his children and down the lines of children to be born in the next few decades.

 My fear for America is that billing day will produce a hefty price tag [a full Bin, laden to the rim, so to speak] and that the young boy President won’t be able to pay any of it with his empty rhetoric.

 Who will pay it then?  Cry for you, America.  It is not the time for festivities about the death of one man.  We all need friends in tough times; this is not the time to make new enemies.