The Price for a full Bin

Nobody can accuse me of standing with the Time Ragazine or any of their empty headed journalists but they hit a bull’s eye now and then; one such is:,8599,2070965,00.html

 Many people worldwide normally fond of or siding with America have been watching Iraq and Afghan with growing concern but I am afraid that I side with those who lifted their eyebrows at the fast growing American military expansion in the entire Middle East since Egypt followed so soon by Libya and the misplaced jubilation over the death of one man; not to mention Obama’s dismaying effort to look more hawkish than Bush/Cheney combined [as Time would have called it if these events occurred a few years ago] in seeking re-election.

 I am yet to see any Post better than the Time one on the topic.  Every American should keep a copy of the entire article and hand it down to his children and down the lines of children to be born in the next few decades.

 My fear for America is that billing day will produce a hefty price tag [a full Bin, laden to the rim, so to speak] and that the young boy President won’t be able to pay any of it with his empty rhetoric.

 Who will pay it then?  Cry for you, America.  It is not the time for festivities about the death of one man.  We all need friends in tough times; this is not the time to make new enemies.

7 Responses to “The Price for a full Bin”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    I’m glad to see Time hasn’t lost the exquisite historical literacy the magazine has so aptly demonstrated since it decided to become the antithesis of what it was back when it was worth reading.

    In discussing Pakistan’s future relations with China the writer might have mentioned, had the writer known it, that the reason the U.S. tilted (Kissinger’s word) toward Pakistan in it’s war with India was that the U.S. had no diplomatic relations with China and Pakistan did. Kissinger was trying to arrange Nixon’s China visit; the arrangements were made through Pakistan.

    And the ISI. Another thing President Make the U.S. Quake In Its Boots neglected to mention was that he is the tail and the ISI the dog.

    Of course, I don’t know why we would worry about whether or not Pakistan is our ally since we seem to be doing our darnedest to shed the actual reliable allies we have (had?) including insulting India in every way possible.

    But that’s the price of putting the World’s Smartest Man in the White House so he can make speeches about Teutonic plates, declare that Austrians speak Austrian and pronounce corps as corpse as he travels the 57 states.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      The Rag did impress me by publishing the interview with Pakistan; candid discussion of the opposing view is not something they are known for.

      But the point of the Post was the sad picture that the World has of America. It is not only Pakistan; and that should be a matter of concern to the American voter.

      The theme of “a trust deficit” underlines the international problem that America must face.

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    Another thought is that the whole question may be pointless, because there may soon come a time when American soldiers, sailors, and Marines may have to take second jobs at McDonald’s so they can provide food and health insurance for their families or stand on street corners holding Will Fight for Food signs.

    And, considering Mark Steyn’s takedown of the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the State Department, I don’t we should hold Time to much of a standard, either.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks once more Nolanimrod

      Well, though the emphasis of my Post was not Obama as such those in America who still believe in his charm just don’t realize that Obama’s International appeal has ceased; is shattered and torn to shreds.

  3. Ike Jakson Says:

    From John, an email friend:

    “Ike – this might be grist for your blog. It’s about Herman Cain who has been running for prez since the beginning of the year. I knew little to nothing about him. This National Review piece is interesting.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks John

      The link is great; it needs more attention than just a passing glance and I appreciate you thinking about me.

  4. cheechdog Says:

    Ike and all,

    I’ve come to the conclusion that what I think is not going to make one bit of difference in the outcome.

    Decisions are being made by world powers, bankers, political leaders, wealthy families etc. who could give a damn less what the result of their actions do to ordinary people of any country.

    Right now I’m just thanking my lucky stars that I was able to live the majority of my life in what can only be described as an anomaly, where the average man was able to live a comfortable life, put aside a few dollars and almost make it last to the end.

    Our children are going to have to wake up and take control, by what ever means possible, for themselves, if they want to swing the pendulum back to the times we are now exiting.

    We here in the US have elected a Chicago thug for our president and he has in turn appointed all of his cronies to jobs in his administration to help him reach the goals his corporate masters and socialist supporters demand he do.

    We threw the republicans out of office and now we will try to throw this bunch out. One thing is becoming crystal clear, it’s not working. The entire bunch needs to be frog marched to court, given a fair trial and sent to jail. That might be a start to correcting the mess globalists have made.

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