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Another crossroad for America

June 28, 2011

The country finds itself in the Third World jungle because it took the wrong turns at crossroads so many times that it doesn’t know where it is right now.  A short reference to the secular theory is required to explain their problem.

 Homogenous nations or societies can handle secular politics as America successfully did way back while it was going for World Leadership and succeeded in true style.  However it works a lot differently in hybrid nations; secularity gets mixed up with anti-theism and soon after that becomes anti-religion.  A secular society did not mean that America wanted to reduce or change the number of churches; what it told the churches was actually a blessing to worship and obey God.  They did not say to cease all religion but merely stated and then legislated that no religion or church shall be allowed more power than another one in politics.

 Many other nations have succumbed to the same disease; in fact an article in the UK Spectator claimed a year or more ago that the UK had become the most anti-religion country in the World.  Pajamas media ran a Post some time ago suggesting that Christianity can learn a lot from Islam to save itself.  Just very recently more than one Media Source went so far as to state “that secularism may in fact be a greater danger to Christianity than Islam.”

 I believe that has become the case in America.  Secularism as prescribed in the Constitution was not only prudent but also wise and fair to all Christians and a boon to Christianity; it thrived and rewarded America with the number One spot in the World.

 However, the rot was first started by JFK, then flourished under Clinton and soon turned into full-scale anti-religion and the breakdown of all Faith in the Creator under Obama.  America has become the pariah in the World Community of Nations; all moral values have been abandoned to “I am my own God” and Money coming in a fine second place, or first quite often.

 Today America stands at a new crossroad.  I hope that her citizens and voters will pray for guidance from a beneficent God and make the right decisions.

 China, Russia and others still respecting old traditions won’t wait long for you, if at all.  They are ready to lead the World and America may yet find herself with the Third World with the others sneering at the once mighty Number One groveling in their midst.