Obama running way ahead of the bunch in the Default race, going at full cry for Glory

Let me explain the basics of my theory first with the old story about the guy in Germany who had a suitcase full of all the money he had on his name after the Big War and wet decided to leave.  At the train station he looked away momentarily and when he looked back somebody had emptied the suitcase and ran off with it leaving all the money behind because it was worth less than the paper it was printed on.

 Today it is only slightly different.  Our forests are being depleted and trees from which paper is made can no longer be wasted on printing notes.  People know that the paperless office was a fallacy and that computers and the Internet have created ten times the amount of paper rather than less as they had promised.

 So they are feeling the shortage too and came with the computer chip.  Today your pension money or savings is not even on paper [which you can recycle and create something useful]; no, if a bank goes into default today all you will have is one small computer chip worth less than the paper used to print a billion dollars.

 The money in the World has virtually no hard asset backing; money laundering has grown out of any description in any modern vocabulary.  Billions and Trillions flash across the Worldwide Internet in seconds.  We don’t know how much of that is dirty money for laundering but I read just the other that Zurich has come to realize that their share of just Foreign Exchange transactions has been dwindling.  They had calculated the total value of that at  about Three Trillion USA dollars a day and they want their fair share.

 I have explained my view of the truth of Obama’s intentions [forget the front that he puts up in public] and recommend that you read it in the Post by my very dear friend and fellow Blogger.


 Many other Blogs carried similar Posts but though I read a few others I couldn’t get to commenting in all of them.

 I have no reason at this midnight hour of Saturday, July 16, 2011 that has just now slipped into Sunday but let us assume for a moment that I am wrong and that he convinces/threatens or browbeats the GOP into giving him what he says he wants.  Will that save the day for America; sure enough a whole bunch of voters will glide their man to victory in 2012 and crown him Savior of America as is obviously their want.

 Will that really save America?  Why do you guys think China is expanding in virtually every other continent?  Why do you is Russia so quiet and not pumping much of their own oil?  They are now purported to have greater gold reserves than we ever had in South Africa but they hardly bother to mine the stuff.  Why?

 These two and many others know full well that America in on the verge of bankruptcy; that you have lost the moral high ground  and that the Arabs have now also turned against you because they don’t trust America.

 So then, what If I am not wrong?

 Contrary to some of the predicted gloom things won’t change much.  Obama will still be Savior and glide into 2012.  He will be helped along by the super-rich that will be a helluva lot richer than know.  Many of the neo-rich who were stupid enough and placed their money with investment bankers in worthless computer chips; but being crooks in the first place they will soon invent other lucrative avenues to steal and still end up wealthy.

 In this scenario crude oil will come at a premium; do remember the rich and the super rich couldn’t care one single nickel because they are all into the oil business in same way of another.

 China, and Russia and India will bail Obama out and get some more hefty Government guaranteed bonds on hefty slices of American soil that Obama will readily sign.  Why not?

 The Poor; oh yes I do admit that I almost forgot about them because I am effectively one of them.  We will suffer as we always do; we will bite the bullet and pull the belts in, drive less and less because gasoline will shoot up to $10 or $20 dollars a gallon.

 Obama will smile because he will surely have pledges under the table for at least ten or fifteen palatial retirement mansions  and move on to become richer that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett together.  And he will get his extra four years to destroy America which is really what he wants; it’s his old self-same grudge that Americans just don’t want to see.

 America will be virtually ungovernable even if Obama goes in 2012; if he stays until 2016 it will be completely ungovernable and at the mercy of North Korea and Iran.  These guys will have tiny high tech very long range intercontinental missiles by then and there is nothing the World is going to do to stop them because America has now gone rogue in the eyes of the World.

 Let us hope that my starting point is wrong; however; it won’t make much difference either way to the poor and the smaller countries and tribal lands if it should come to pass.

 Sorry Folks of the 50 States; though I cry for you the 57 States wanted it and may just get it if they are not careful.


4 Responses to “Obama running way ahead of the bunch in the Default race, going at full cry for Glory”

  1. cheechdog Says:

    Hello Ike,

    First, thanks again for the birthday call this morning, it made my day!

    I don’t know if you are spot on on with this blog, I pray you are not.
    We all know something is going to have to give and soon.

    We are noticing all the signs of a failing democracy, more civil unrest, more demands for the government to take care of every thing no matter how trivial, daily new regulations put out by an bureaucracy which no one has elected. our dollar shrinking every day, and a rapid coarsening of of our society.

    Our kids are becoming self centered predators with no regard for anyone except themselves. Our schools, which are run by liberals, have become mills that turn out grads that are unable read their own diplomas.

    The politicians can’t keep themselves from lying, cheating, and making promises they have no intention of keeping. As soon as they step foot in Washington they catch “Potomac Fever” and forget why they were sent there in the first place.

    It’s going to be a tough time for sure and double difficult on older folks. There is no where to run nor no where to hide, so what ever will be will be.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      I also hope that I am wrong old friend, but too many Americans want me to be right. Many “want their cake and eat it” the British used to say. Well, you can have it that way for a while but not all the time.

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    Probably no way now for the US NOT to get it.

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