Joe the Lamenting Man

Some of you may be pleased that I have changed my view on Time Rag Joe Klein.

 I have regarded him as a complete sod with a scrambled brain that is also seriously defect after too many election defeats for his White House candidates but he laments so passionately about not understanding the Bama on a certain point I decided that the things that I have called him and lampooning him all the time made me forget about the Bama effect on Joe.

 I apologize for all the bad things that I have said of you in the past.  Your lament on not understanding the Bama on a certain point in the above link helped me to look for the true answer.

 And I found it; that is why I apologize to you personally from the depth of my heart and hope that you will forgive me.

 See Joe, unlike many others I don’t think that the Bama is stupid; he may be vain, arrogant, and deceitful and not to be trusted with anything but he is not stupid.  He is also a good politician, dresses well and reads a speech better than anyone; in short he has no peer in many of these things.

 The trouble is however, that he suffers from the “hearing deaf” syndrome and that is serious.  Next time just remember that when you want to lament some more.  The hearing deaf syndrome is the condition that one with normal or even good hearing suffers is not an ear or faulty hearing; it is in fact a psychological affliction that occurs when he doesn’t know what to do; he becomes deaf to advice at that point.

 Some experts say it is ego driven; others say it is a common affliction by people who inherited too many birth certificates; I dunno, but maybe I am wrong, or perhaps I don’t have complexes about birth certificates [having only one myself].

 Either way, when he gets an attack he starts twiddling with things like DADT and having beer with rowdy drunk professors and the biggest lot of bull poop; he just stops hearing.  It is a lousy affliction to suffer from, and when the job is bigger than you are competent it enhances the deaf effect.  Shucks.

 I actually now feel sorry for you and the Bama.  Poor little Joe, I really do.

6 Responses to “Joe the Lamenting Man”

  1. bydesign001 Says:

    Good day Ike.

    Let me commend you on an excellent post. Very insightful.

    I read Joe Joe’s article and must say that the man is misinformed when he says

    “… Let me repeat that: the House Republicans won’t compromise at all. And they are leading their party off a political cliff, as no less an expert than the wall-to-wall cynical Mitch McConnell has pointed out. Obama’s willingness to make prudent compromises has been the right thing to do…”

    I beg to differ Ike. Barack Obama is manipulating us all.

    During this heated never-ending debate, it has escaped many that the man was put into office by Progressives to do one thing, i.e., collapse the U.S. economy, hence destroy the Republic.

    Obama stands by this ideology to collapse and destroy. If you notice, out of all of Obama’s failings, he is successful in doing just that.

    The Republicans are right not to compromise but I do not believe that they are leading their party off the end of a cliff. Such a viewpoint is nothing more than Progressive propaganda as directed by the White House.

    In 1994, there was similar heated debate between Bill Clinton and the Republicans. In the end, the Republicans were blamed. Progressives from Obama down to Joe Klein are hoping that history repeats itself and so they manipulate, lie and scare monger.

    Such behavior is sure to backfire.

    Obama is holding daily press conferences. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. His accusations against the Republicans and the Tea Party are made up of that which he himself is guilty.

    What Obama has planned is bad for America but good for the Progressive agenda.

    Check this post out Ike, I believe you will enjoy it: Recently Heard at Hogwartz

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you Lady BD

      Your comment is the one I wanted most, as the saying goes.

      I agree with your points on Obama and it surprises me that so few notice the man’s real intentions; it has been my belief and I have said it since February 2008 that there is one sole item on his agenda; the destruction of America.

      As for Joe, a lot of it was written in jest. I am really battling with my eyesight now and it is an effort to keep the Blog alive. But I am still reading by “setting the screen up” and try to stay with the flow of the waters.

      I will read the link and report back.

      God bless you.

      • bydesign001 Says:


        I so look forward to your posts/insights. You have made this girl’s day, putting a huge smile on my face.

        Rest your eyes for now and when you have an opportunity, check out Grumpy Elder’s post. I think you will enjoy it.

        Stay well my friend,

        Peace and blessings,


      • Ike Jakson Says:

        My dear Lady BD

        And you made mine. I shall never forget our chats aboput the church buildings. I referred that to a lot of people and most returned to thank me.

        And I have read Grumpy. For a small guy [I assume that] it contains a lot of stuff to think over. Thanks for the link.

  2. nolanimrod Says:

    Reading Joe’s stuff I can see why you are sorry for him. Not only is he disappointed in his Chosen One, but he also has to sound like a complete asshole in order to please his masters, who are running an enterprise that will shortly be worth about what its competitor, Newsweek, was worth when it was sold: $1.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Nimrod of NOLA

      Yes, my heart goes out to Joe and the Bama; it must hurt to be crippled by such an affliction; to be dealt hands like that is the worst kind of luck one can have.

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