Styles, degrees, myths and dangers of Democracy

Discussing democracy is a risky business fraught with peril and indeed, can be to the detriment of a healthy mind and body.

When did America become a democracy; start guessing and tell me, pray?

An indentured workman [of Caucasian origin, or a white slave if you wish] could not vote until he had worked for years on end to pay his master; then worked to buy his own property to become a land-owner before he could vote, even then as the master wished or instructed him who to vote for.  Was that Democratic?

Now we must pause about women; and is that is another story?  The Internet is full of it; my eye fell on this one.

For them America became a Democratic society in 1920; that is not even one hundred years ago and to this day they have not been able to produce a President.

Will you name a big American Historian for me, please, any name that you like?  I always choose James Michener who said America is the oldest Democracy in the World, and he came out with facts on other so-called democracies to prove his point.

But from the point of view of the gentle gender [see previous paragraph] he had it all wrong.  Michener [1907 to 1997] missed it by …. A fine one to talk, I should say even though he wrote some of the best books ever and I was a fan.

A blogging buddy name of Jamie MacNab from “ye olde country” loves to quote Socrates who once said: “I don’t know anything but I have a lot of opinions on many things.”

You all know that I am not Socrates and should therefore, realize that I don’t even have opinions on this matter but I do have a lot of questions.

Egypt, they say, is about 7 000 old at this point; it is not only one of the oldest countries whichever way you look at it [America only coming in just over 500 years ago] but they have one of the oldest civilizations, and lived in peace with their neighbors until Democratic America on the brink of bankruptcy and a second civil war decided that Egypt was not sufficiently democratic.

Who is the joker?

Y’all be careful now when you mention democracy, what with legions of new Rulers of politicians and lawyers cum politicos and not even knowing where your incumbent President was born.

Do remember your nineteenth Amendment and be sure to jot down the date.  There is an anniversary coming up any day now, and an election next year.  Texans love saying to “Remember the Alamo.”  America you lovely stupid lovable bunch, remember August 1920.  Won’t it be nice to have a lady taking the White House 2012 and all the way through 2020 to celebrate a centenary?

Down with men, I say.  Start a revolution!  Oops …. that is another word on which I have some opinions.

8 Responses to “Styles, degrees, myths and dangers of Democracy”

  1. Bob Mack Says:

    America is supposed to be a Republic, emphatically not a democracy. Unfortunately, the 17th Amendment fatally damaged the Constitution. BTW, IKE, I went to the same high school as James Michener–actually, its successor, since the original school burned down.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bob

      I hope you realize that my Post was to lampoon the 53% who shout Democracy and then govern like Africa.

      I am interested in your views on Michener. I collected and read all his books and in my view he only wrote one bad one on the riots at Kent State in 1970/72 thereabouts. Most of his other works were pure gold. To me he wrote the best work on the role of the missionary after Somerset Maugham.

      • Bob Mack Says:

        Yeah, my reply was mostly intended for others who might think the U.S. was intended to be a pure democracy. Michener was one of my favorites until about 1970. Centennial, Hawaii, & Tales of the South Pacific were my favorites. Another aside: one of my classmates was the daughter of Pearl Buck’s secretary & back in the mid-’60s I went to a beer party at Pearl’s house…well, actually, the party was in Pearl’s barn–which contained no horses or cows, but did have a basketball court & a library. It was the Good Earth that night, I’ll tell you.

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks Bob

    Your comment speaks to me more than you realize but it is a long story; much too long for a small comment or even a Post. Yes, it may take a book.

    I better leave it at that but would like to talk to you again. Suffices for now that I was a Democrat and thus opposed to the old South African Government all my adult life; in that capacity I supported Carter. I don’t think you guys know “that there was a deal” on our conversion to an African style Democracy. That deal has had a major impact on American political development and current American/African relations much more than you realize. Have you read Allen Drury in Advise and Consent and the following two making up the trilogy?

    Anyway, some things that happened within the first four years and then two specific points on principles hit me on the head to open my eyes; finally Clinton, in the same year of 1998 converted me and shook democracy out of my pants.

    Modern day Democracy doesn’t work in heterogeneous or hybrid societies. I know that some people say “yeah, but tell us what is better” but that is a hollow defense in my eyes. When a system patently doesn’t work you must change it to anything that will.

    Word, words, and more words make it more meaningless than it already is.

    We must talk about Michener again. Did you know that he wrote an epic called ‘The Covenant’ about South Africa way back?

  3. Bob Mack Says:

    Ike, I think I recall reading Michener’s Kent State book many moons ago. Feel free to e-mail me whenever you wish. I’m not sure if I read The Covenant. I’ll have to check it out next time I’m at the bookstore.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob

      I would like to share more of your views on Michener and I shall get it together on my side and email you.

  4. nolanimrod Says:

    Dear Ike,

    Allow me to be a trifle frivolous.

    You state, when speaking of women,

    that is not even one hundred years ago and to this day they have not been able to produce a President.

    I would submit that so far women have produced all of them.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Ahoy Nimrod

      That is a great observation; if only it were true of all of them. Sometimes I doubt if I observe what some have done or are still doing. Some might have evolved from Comets or Mars, you know.

      Still I think it will be good to have a Lady President in the White House from 2012 all through 2028; yes two full terms for the first one and another two by her successor.

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