A UK Scam that got through the Spam Filter

Shucks, this is good.  My email friend [well, one of them] sent me the whole bag of tricks.  You gotta see it to believe it.

It starts with an exciting announcement to your email address that you have been selected with thirteen others; each won 1.2 million UK Pounds in cash

You are a Winner

My email friend decided to go along.  The scammers take you on a merry ride with affidavits on an impressive letterhead of EQUITY INVESTMENT LIMITED followed by confirmation notices from a very aptly named BANKERS TRUST BANK in the city of Leeds; you start to believe that it may be real.

Then they cover the sting; sorry but they now realize that you live outside the UK and you need a Court paper of some kind; in case that would concern you they there and then offer to get an attorney to handle that for you.

Fine … it’s as if they want to pay you the money ….

There is a last minute hitch; the attorney’s upfront fee is 980 UK Pounds but they send you an example of an affidavit said attorney got for a fellow countryman in January.

You ask whether they can’t take the measly little fee of 980 pence off the 1.2 million bucks [heck, it ain’t even a full 1%, why not do it?  No, that would be illegal because your money is already in a South African Bank [they even use the name of a real bank that we all know] [they also send you a certificate from that bank] but it is an escrow account waiting for you to come and get it but escrow accounts are prohibited by law from paying attorney fees.

My friend thanked them for the ride and wished them luck with a real  sucker.

Smooth, jukkil stukkil, it is smooth.  I wish I can find a way to send you all the stuff from beginning to end.

7 Responses to “A UK Scam that got through the Spam Filter”

  1. Cheech Says:

    Ike, I get these scams every day, most from Nigeria.

    So far I have turned down about a half a billion dollars.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I shall find a way to send you all the email. The upshot after I told him that I had enjoyed the ride and to try another real sucker was a filthy email piece of the typical British low life; they have no class.

      I archived all the doc’s and will try to find out how to get the bastards in jail.

  2. Ike Jakson Says:


    The interesting thing is that the professional Banker has now revealed his true character by writing obscene low life emails to me. I am archiving it all.

  3. nolanimrod Says:

    I have got a few of those. With Gmail you can check on the true sending url. One of them claiming to be from England was in fact in Hong Kong. I saved all the stuff and sent it to the FBI. Never heard anything back from them so they probably didn’t do anything. And what, really, could they do? The sender was probably spoofing and spiffing and whatever else and if they tracked it all down they’d probably come up with an 85 year old pensioner who doesn’t know Jack about Jill.

    One thing does occur to me: while the first one I got purported to be on behalf of a former Nigerian Defense Minister who couldn’t get to his stash the other ones were all about me winning a “National Lottery” and the story is always that you were entered in it and your number won.

    I have seen a lot of weird stuff (and been suckered by a lot of it) but I have never seen a deal where you could win a bet without betting in the first place.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Yup, you get all types. What I found interesting in this case was that my friend “played” along with him and at the end when this guy said “it is your last then, Sir, before we have to pass it on” or something like that, he wrote them: “Thanks Pal, it was real smooth and I enjoyed the game but suggest you go find a real sucker.”

      Would you believe it? This fellow became his true self and started sending my friend some foul mouth typical UK scumbag dirty stuff.
      I do sometimes wonder how many they catch. One day I shall try to get all the copies but they do it well enough with court affidavits and fancy address bank names to catch a sucker or two.

      Read Cheech on it above.

      Do keep well.

  4. bydesign001 Says:

    Wow Ike. This is something else. I guess that I have been lucky in that I have not received any such scam. Crooks will do anything to get their hands on your money.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Yes Lady BD, I am very careful with these things but it was nice to see someone toying with them and how they change their manners when you lampoon them.

      I see you are very busy and appreciate the visit.

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