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Other Emperors looooong before Barrack the 2nd

September 10, 2011

Yup Folks, don’t think The One was the First One; indeed NO by a long shot.

 OK I know young Barrack has his eye on being Emperor of the entire World; though he will never make that for many reasons.  One, he doesn’t have the clout, and two, way east of you stand China and Russia; they will never brook that kind of nonsense.

 But you have had your Emperor for America and a great lad he was.  Read it all for your own selves.

 Emperor Norton 1

 In case it doesn’t work the long link is

 Do read the last four words right at the bottom.  The Kenya lad has no chance.

2012 Datelines

September 4, 2011

We have two coming up next year.  Let us look for others; there may be something in it, just perhaps.

 The War of 1812 started two centuries ago; maybe there is a pre-cursor somewhere.

 One hundred years later on April 10th, 1912 the Titanic went down on her maiden voyage that was to be a World Cruise and with that the dreams of science and man of a ship that couldn’t sink.

 I shall hold thumbs for 2012.  For all his knowledge and achievements mankind remains but frail and vulnerable.  At this time there is much talk and shouting about New World Orders, a World Government and even one single World currency though we have not managed very well in just living with each other from one day to the next in a World that is getting smaller by the day.

 Yes, 2012 will, or may, provide the impetus that we need; or it may give us time to ponder and look at the past; it will be a good time to re-think; to take stock and move with caution.