Other Emperors looooong before Barrack the 2nd

Yup Folks, don’t think The One was the First One; indeed NO by a long shot.

 OK I know young Barrack has his eye on being Emperor of the entire World; though he will never make that for many reasons.  One, he doesn’t have the clout, and two, way east of you stand China and Russia; they will never brook that kind of nonsense.

 But you have had your Emperor for America and a great lad he was.  Read it all for your own selves.

 Emperor Norton 1

 In case it doesn’t work the long link is


 Do read the last four words right at the bottom.  The Kenya lad has no chance.

14 Responses to “Other Emperors looooong before Barrack the 2nd”

  1. boudicabpi Says:

    Interesting post Ike. Will tweet it.
    Bob A.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob A

      You go right ahead; tweet, stumble, LinkedIn and whatever you want to. I am pleased that you like it.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Bob A

      I have tried a few times but can’t get into your Blog. Please let me have the link to your most recent Post and I shall try that way. Keep well.

  2. bydesign001 Says:

    Home run Sir Ike. Will definitely pass it along in an effort to wake up Americans.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Lady BD

      I just don’t know whether we will ever understand; let us hope that Election 2012 will be the turning point but the feeling in my gut area is not a good one right now. Keep well and strong, dear Friend.

  3. Bob Mack Says:

    Howdy, Ike. Hope things are well. It seems as if Obama the 1st is on the ropes, though like any well-schooled Marxist, he continues to fan the flames of discontent, hoping he can find enough useful idiots to advance his cause.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Bob

      Well, the old cliché that “you can’t fool all of them all the time” will be strongly contested in Election 2012 but there always seem to be the possibility that old truths may fall with Obama. I read an interesting Post recently that dealt solely with the gullibility of the modern voter all over the World; as observed in politics, the death penalty, and believe you me, what people believe about Wall Street.

      This will be the year of decision for the Voter; but I won’t hold my breath. They seem intent on taking what is perceived by them to be the easy safe route; it absolves them from the burden of actually having to think.

      Thanks so much for dropping by. I am well and alive but I am thinking about my role in life.

  4. christophertrier Says:

    Ah, Obama… A legend in his own mind. Emperor Norton I lived in San Francisco and was a well-liked eccentric. He remains a folk icon for those who have a sense of the past, something of which this nihilistic pit has a distinct shortage. Mind you, Emperor Norton actually had a sense of morality and good intentions. He sincerely believed that he was doing the right thing. Obama does no such thing. As for Russia and China… I had to laugh when the Russians ran a story that said that in his first year as president, Obama appointed more Czars than Russia had in its entire history. The Chinese laugh, but content themselves with dealing with their own problems.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      It is so nice to see you; me being almost out of action at this point.

      Yes, America has had more than one Norton [seems like a whole lot to me] but you Emperor was actually a decent sort of guy. I came across his name by pure chance; it’s quite something.

      Your observations about Russia and China are both on the button, and I have the same feelings that you express so well about China being “content themselves with dealing with their own problems” which is something the World can learn from them. Obama is just a “clown of his time” and is not relevant anywhere in the World except in his own “cotton picking little mind” as they said in old days.

      I am getting old. How are you doing with your studies?

  5. christophertrier Says:

    You may be getting old, but I’m not far behind. A year in San Francisco for a sane human causes as much damage as 50 elsewhere. This is my last year, though, and I will move away soon.
    I’ve done well in my studies and might hopefully be able to get at least a part time job somewhere nice with an advanced degree.

    I was actually in China earlier this year for a few weeks.
    It was interesting, in some ways good, in some ways bad.
    A lot of what we read in the news is only for show. The Chinese are right to take an ultimately introverted policy as they are still trying to get the country in some sort of order. Nice people, though, and I could walk alone through major cities at night without getting assaulted or robbed, so at least they have their priorities straight.

  6. elcampeador Says:

    Hey there Ike..You doing OK?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Great el Campeador

      It was such a pleasure to see you coming in. Thanks.

      No, I am not great right now. My eye is really giving me trouble and I must conserve what I have; you will see my Blogging is virtually limited to replies to comments in some of my old stuff. I still follow the trend and a few of the guys; you give me a good laugh every now and then in yur Blog, thanks.

      And I suppose age has caught up with me at last. I was 71 August 3rd and do as little as possible around my abode and I am losing interest in Politics. But I hope to do a Post a month and shall see what tomorrow brings.

      Obama makes me sick; that the guy got more than two votes [adding Michelle’s to his own] makes me doubt the sanity of American voters of the 57 States. You guys in the old 50 States have a fight ahead of you.

      I think that Miss Sarah has done the right thing to sit this one out; in the beginning Perry seemed a good choice, and I am now watching Herman Cain; there is an amazing guy for you. Whether it will happen must still be seen but I would like to see a straight fight between an American like Cain and the African boy child. And yes, I have a dream too, that one day American Blacks will give up the silly notion of being African-Americans; they will have to be content just to be Americans like Herman Cain. The problem is too many different Americans [smile].

      Your biggest problem for 2012 is the Voter; and that is one that I cannot solve or influence. That the 2008 bunch cannot see that the man who was going to change Washington has instead embraced it and whatever it represents; greed, cowardice, thieves and every lousy one just for himself.

      Be strong ole friend; on my side I will hope that I am wrong in some of my doubts and fears.

  7. elcampeador Says:

    Spot on as usual, good friend.

    Like and admire Cain, the man’s credentials are superior, of course those that want to remain slaves (regardless of “color”) in the Democrats plantation, are questioning his authenticity of blackness,

    I would pay big money for a front row seat to listen and watch first hand, his destroying the “African boy child” in a Presidential debate.

    The Left is now going after Cain’s ‘complete lack of foreign policy experience’, completely ignoring the fact that after almost three full years in office, obama still hasn’t a clue.

    Tough times ahead for “Old Glory” Ike regardless the boy child winning or losing, might even have some blood running BUT, as long as I can clean and fire my weapons, I’ll do my damn best to make sure none of that blood is mine.

    Do take care stout warrior, we just may need you for back up

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Aye, Aye Sir

      “Asking for your permission to speak, Sir.”

      “Thank you Sir, this ole guy will be ready when you blow that bugle, sure Sir.”

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