If you are over 60 and lived in Africa you will understand my caution not to jubilate.  It is sad enough to see Obama trying to make some political capital out of the death of this strange man.

 We knew Gadaffi well; he was a regular visitor to our shores with his usual entourage of followers with his tent palace and a regular convoy of his own luxury vehicles, including greater security arrangements and more personal body guards than the American President.

 Gadaffi was a personal friend of Nelson Mandela and many in this continent will mourn his passing.  Many of us had no reason to love the guy, leave alone to idolize him, before and after his death.  But the man deserves some respect for the order he stood for in Libya; let us not forget that.

 I am currently off air because a guy from Panama, according to Google, got into my Gmail account and left me stranded; when he got in I was thrown out.  I will be incommunicado while I try to reconstruct Gmail; there will be a Post on it over the weekend.

 Meantime read the only sensible report that I have encountered on Gadaffi’s Libya; believe you me, and tread with caution.

 In a Reuters Report someone submitted this [verbatim, no editing including the name of the country]:

Former MI5 Agent Annie Machon said in a report to the conflict in lybia

“They’ve had free education, free health, they could study abroad. When they got married they got a certain amount of money. So they were rather the envy of many other citizens of African countries. Now, of course, since NATO’s humanitarian intervention the infrastructure of their country has been bombed back to the Stone Age. They will not have the same quality of life. Women probably will not have the same degree of emancipation under any new transitional government. The national wealth is probably going to be siphoned off by Western corporations. Perhaps the standard of living in Libya might have been slightly higher than it perhaps is now in America and the UK with the recession,” she said.”

What really was the UN&NATO trying to achieve?”

Don’t rejoice now; far better to wait and not crying afterwards.  Gadaffi might have been an enigma, at his worst and at his best but he was one of the main forces for stability in Africa at his time; he gained the respect of many an enemy for his role in that.

 In short too; the man had some friends; some are very powerful over here and it would be a mistake not to realize it.  He was the subject of many a smile, including how he got to be known as Goatmilk Gadaffi by friends and enemies.  His friends won’t take kindly to any effort to demean a dead man, and many of his enemies knew him as a strong man and a patriot of Libya.

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  1. bydesign001 Says:

    Good morning Sir Ike.

    I am sorry to hear of the troubles you are having with your Google email. What a headache, I pray that you get it all worked out and soon.

    While I do not pretend to understand your stance on Gadhafi, we here in the states have taken issue with the man for obvious reasons.

    Obama has failed the American people miserably. So full of his ideology, after 1000 days in office, the man continues to fail at everything else but the shedding of blood.

    To the shock of many, this Nobel Peace Prize recipient successfully manages to assassinate those deemed America’s enemies in spite of the fact that he is in bed with many of their counterparts.

    That being said, our so-called leader has developed quite a blood lust which leaves many here in the States that much more uncomfortable with Barack Obama being in the White House.

    As Obama spoke yesterday or the day before, he mentioned that the tyrant, Gadhafi is dead, I thought to myself, “Yet this one (Obama) lives.”

    I have intentionally turned away with each report of Gadhafi’s final moments. The Marxists media here in the states are just as offensive as those defiling this man’s body.

    I have no taste for such antics and disrespect. To those of us here in the states, Moammar Gadhafi was an evil man who deserved an ugly ending but what does it say about those who take joy in the defiling of a corpse?

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thank you my Lady BD

      I understand every reference you make as an American about Gadaffi, and Obama in this regard.

      My point was that of a man of Africa that must live with the end result of Libya and other places where Obama left his dirty paw marks on our continent. Many of us had no reason to love Gadaffi [I hoped to make that clear] but just as much as one cannot force, cajole or threaten one’s children to love one, it makes no sense to rejoice in the death of a strange man and make some hate you more.

      It sickened me when Obama rushed in to be Mister Macho Man and warned “other tyrants” what they can expect from here on. Time rushed in with “We got him” to boost Obama for 2012; it nearly made me vomit.

      And just as bad, the Reuters article I refer to in my Post carried a photo of the crowd; arms waving guns and grinning around the dead man. When some Americans “join hands” in whatever manner with such vermin, don’t they realize that those jubilating in Libya have not suddenly started to love America? This is a messy thing. The law of ages to show respect for the dead; what has happened to it?

      This entire Libya episode was merely as I once posted all about the oil in Libya; add the apparent self-interest of Obama to it and some Americans hope they will now have friendly relations with a new Libya regime? Pleeease?

      I respect your views my dear one; you have made yourself pretty clear on that many times, as you have done so again now. I despise Obama {the Leader of the Free World, oh heavens help us] in his jubilation.

      In conclusion I wish sensible people [of whom you have millions in the US of the 50 States] will realize that just as much as you respect Former President George W Bush as the right man for America, also President Reagan and many others, in the same manner Gadaffi was the right man for
      Libya of his time and that won’t change for a LONG TIME. It is time for America to close down its Foreign Department if they cannot understand that; the problems facing America are inside its borders, not in Africa or the Middle East.

      Love you.

  2. bydesign001 Says:

    One more thing, Americans have yet to see proof of a dead Osama Bin Laden. You see the White House propaganda machine that tells our media what to report and when will not allow Americans a glimpse of a dead OBL while shamefully shoving down our throats the last moments of a mad man.

    There is a double standard here.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Lady BD

      You have it quite right about double standards; the words “two-faced duplicity” will best describe my feelings about it. Sheesh.

  3. christophertrier Says:

    I was alarmed by the “Arab Spring”. A society which has always been governed by tribalism cannot be expected to take on the mantle of modernity and democracy. After all, it took centuries for the British to develop a representative constitutional monarchy. The Americans had to go through a number of growing pains on their own, even after they had inherited a largely functional centuries-old English legal system. The French still haven’t figured things out yet. The much vaunted democracy of Japan is much more limited than that formerly seen in the West. It is also often forgotten that since the Meiji restoration, Japan had been on a generations-long process of having a stable, constitutional government with a strong emperor.

    Hosni Mubarak wasn’t the nicest man, true, but he was able to keep the peace in Egypt and was a stabilising force in the greater Middle East. When Obama decided that he wanted to replicate Jimmy Carter’s betrayal of the Shah he sealed the fate of the Middle East. If Israel is made to go down, it will take the entire Middle East down with it. When they say “never again”, they mean it. Gaddafi was a disgusting, depraved POS who single-handedly destroyed Libya’s civil society, but he kept the peace, too. After generations in power, there is not that much shared memory of the time before him. Now Tunisia is having its elections with the expectation that a PKK-style party will take the largest share of votes, something which does not go down well with the majority of voters there. Aye, aye, aye. What are we to do?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Thanks for your time and info. May I ask that you read my lengthy reply to Lady BD.

      The fact is that America doesn’t have a clue in their foreign Department, firstly. Secondly, it is a blatant lie that their participation is motivated by humanitarian concerns.

      You ask “Aye, aye, aye, what are we to do?” in your last sentence. The answer is that America must withdraw from foreign soil, learn to live within its means, and, attend to their real problems, the latter which are inside her borders. America is not the World Cop or High Priest; they are messing in things that they don’t understand. Why? They want the raw materials and the markets for their goods. This thing stinks.

      What has happened to Obama’s insistence to close Gitmo; to treat prisoners with respect; even try terrorists in Civil Courts? Haw-haw, gimme a break if you will? We are not all stupid all the time.

      • christophertrier Says:

        I was agreeing with you and my last sentence was rhetorical.
        The US needs to worry about its own problems, agreed. The country has a long history of getting involved with things it had no concern getting involved in. There was the Spanish American war, the First World War, pressuring the UK to abrogate the Anglo-Japanese Alliance, sending arms to India, meddling with Russia’s affairs during the Bolshevik Revolution, backing France during the First Indochinese War, the list goes on. Perhaps what America must do is to take the advice of its founding fathers — avoid entangling alliances, mind the home front, and keep neutral in global affairs.

      • Ike Jakson Says:


        You are so right! I hope Americans will start to realize that the real risk/threat to America is inside their borders right inside their own people. I hope they elect Cain; he seems the sort to handle it.

  4. nolanimrodNolanimrod Says:

    I just wonder what happened to that bodyguard of his. We could probably find them if we knew where the world supply of Viagra has gone to.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod

      The word is a big plural for Guards, the S at the end another Big Capital to describe the man Gadaffi.

      Did you know the guy had quite a sense of humor? He became a legend here and freely laughed with his opponents who cracked jokes about his palace tent and the bodyguards. They once rented an entire patch of a working sugar cane field because it was the only large open space that could accommodate his entourage near a city.

      But I still think it was dead wrong of America, England and France to bomb Libya into submission. Your Obama guys have no clue of the evil forces that they have now unleashed. Gadaffi was a tough Ruler but that is what is needed in Africa and what they really like regardless of what picture the current American Press like to beguile the public with, or the 2012 votes. They control mob rule that way and it is the only effective way to do; you guys take care for when the mobs start invading your cities; you will change your mind about Gadaffi.

  5. nolanimrodNolanimrod Says:

    To paraphrase somebody – I think it was Churchill (who else?) – Kaddafi may have been a son of a bitch, but he was OUR son of a bitch.

    Personally I don’t understand why people keep losing their marbles but it seems that’s the way it has to be. The trick is to keep the lost marbles areas under some kind of control so the disease doesn’t spread too much. We seem to be doing just the opposite. I just read where Haiti wants the UN to get out of there because the UN “helpers” are indulging their taste for sex by raping young Haitian boys. “The World” is spending money to send a bunch of sex perverts halfway round the world to make playthings out of people who have enough troubles of their own.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Spot on first paragraph. What amazes me is that Obama and his so-called coalition shot up the infrastructure bombed everything in sight and predicted “victory in days rather than weeks” yet it took more than five months. The Libya “son of a bitch” had enough people who were prepared to die for him even if they had to fight bombers with their bare hands; the jury will be out a long time to decide on this one and I am afraid for America that the bill for revenge will reflect the truth.

      Fools are in charge in the World, friend, but unfortunately for Obama and the likes of him all the world’s people ain’t fools.

      Obama’s coalition will just have to work it out the hard way that the Libya fiasco didn’t convince anyone in Africa to love them. Or does Obama really think that he now owns the oil under the sands in Libya?

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