Overt and Covert Conspiracies

I am not much into conspiracy theories though I am, on the other hand, not sufficiently naïve not to believe that some have taken place.

 Take this one that I am tempted to call the Panama, Carter, South Africa and Washington Post Conspiracy.  You must look it up and decide but to disagree with me you have to be naïve enough to actually believe that all CIA Operators have always shared all their secrets with the President of the day.  I mean, what do you want a CIA for if it were not there to look for conspiracies or sometimes turn a deaf ear on a request for investigating one?

 Let me explain briefly.  Blogging gave me the opportunity to become email friends with two American guys who share the humor and ironies of life without rancor or animosity about where we are from and what we are.  We just pass things on by a kind of natural feeling when something amuses one of us.

 One such instance was when one of them shared an email question that he called “SIMPLY AMAZING WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT” on another matter of a conspiracy against the inconvenient truth I would call it.

 Be that as it may, it reminded me of some events a while ago; thus I Googled my computer and later emailed my friend to key this in for a Google search.  You try it.

 Eschel Rhoodie President John Vorster Connie Mulder SA Department of Information Washington Post, President Gerald Ford.”

 That’s all, but you know what happened to me within half an hour after I had pressed the “Send” button in my email.

 I also have to tell you that Google warned had me on a number of occasions in the recent past that somebody from Panama had found entry to my account; they sent me pages full of recent activities on my account and asked me to verify his IP address or whether it was someone known to me, and finally advised me to change my user name and password immediately.  I ignored it because I liked my names but whoever had been messing with me or anyone else [I don’t know] my Google account as you knew it went Pooh on me the day of Thursday, October 20, 2011 at about 13:00 our time [Greenwich + 2].

 Everything was gone; all my old records everything gone, address books and the whole lot.  I tried and tried by following the Google instructions but failed to revive it.  I could not get into my own account; how did the Panama guy get in there?  I hate Panama from this date.

 All I had left were a few emails of a few good friends whose incoming stuff I sometimes forwarded to my other computer where I work on Outlook Express.

 I thought of my old friends at Media24 that I once dealt with in another Post; their name came to mind because I know they are synonymous with mischief, treachery and conspiracies and I know they were involved up to their eyebrows with Rhoodie, Vorster and his gang of miscreants of the time.  I even thought of adding their name to the Google list; you try that one too.  Let me just warn you beforehand that it is a messy business.  I assume you know about President Carter and Panama, Noriega and all of them.  When you read up think about Carter, President Ford, and even into the Reagan years.  With a South African connection, you ask?  You bet, I say.

 Add “CIA” in that Google list, just for the heck of it, hey.  Check poor old Rhoodie out; the poor sod became the fall guy and died in “involuntary self-imposed” exile in Atlanta GA some years ago.

 I have meantime changed my passwords to revive my Google Account.

4 Responses to “Overt and Covert Conspiracies”

  1. christophertrier Says:

    Vorster was something else, wasn’t he? I find his treatment of Ian Smith to have been abysmal, giving Zimbabwe-Rhodesia to Robert Mugabe to save his own skin for a few more years.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      I never thought very highly about John Vorster during his time as Prime Minister and in the Presidency; he was at best as you describe; in my eyes he was a coward. He was no doubt the man behind the Info Scandal and the effort to buy the Washington Post.

  2. cheechdog@fastmail.fm Says:

    Ike, I have taken to putting my initals in front of the subject line.

    That way, my friends know it’s is being sent by me and not some 3rd party who has hijacked my E-mail.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Cheech

      Putting your initials in there will help in email but I doubt whether that will be an obstacle for the hacker moron.

      But you are always welcome.

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