Dedicated to Obama and all Americans of the 57 States who believe in the tooth Fairy and that OBama is the Fairy Godmother.



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10 Responses to “1012”

  1. nolanimrodNolanimrod Says:

    Ike! I have to hand it to you. This is one of the most succinct posts I have ever read. If brevity is the soul of wit you may consider yourself the very Deity of Drollery.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I have no idea how this Post got here; it must have happened when I pressed buttons restoring my Google account and I will preserve it to earn your delightful compliment.

      It’s one of the good things happened to me in Blogging to have made acquaintance with a hunter of NOLA. He is a great man, a great spirit and someone I would always remember as a great friend. I am a lucky man and a better one for having met him.

  2. Ike Jakson Says:

    Hi Nolanimrod

    So there you are in my Post with no name. But it does have a link kindly allocated by WordPress and I shall try my best to get something in.

    Meantime refer to:


  3. Ike Jakson Says:


    The Post has a name now.

  4. cheechdog@fastmail.fm Says:

    Ike, Everything Obama does is geared to endearing himself to Muslims.

    Between him and Attorney General, Eric Holder, they should have the place handed over to them by the end of his 1st term in office.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Your first line only describes how some Americans see Obama; the sod is talking from both sides of the mouth.

      Do you really think he has endeared himself to Muslims in the Middle East? No way man, many will take the handouts and die oil/weapon contracts but most of them despise the bastard.

      I think after Libya a lot of Middle East leaders are saying “Who is next on Obama’s list’ and are doing everything they can to thwart the double-dealing Sumbitch.

  5. christophertrier Says:

    Obama has that time of face… His mouth looks like an anus and what comes out of it is about the same.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      I would have considered censoring the comment if it was not from you [smile] but then I also agree with you about the personage you refer to; so it is in verbatim no editing.

      Can you work it out how this guy got more than two votes; he was assured of his and the little Michelle of course? Why and how do the minds of the others worked to have elected him?

      • christophertrier Says:

        Oh, I can easily work out how the man took 53pc of the popular vote. There were a number of factors: Bush fatigue, white guilt, enthusiasm among youth voters (never had a job, no marketable skills… Need I say more?), enthusiasm among Black voters… Mix that in with a carefully orchestrated media frenzy and a discredited opposition and you get… The One (not to re-elect, ever). An empty sheet of paper allows people to write/draw what they want on it. Obama was exactly that. He never gave clear enough an indication what he was going to do to give people warning, so they just made of him what they wanted. Now that people know, the enthusiasm was fallen faster than Michael Moore pretending to be Icarus.

  6. Ike Jakson Says:

    Yes Christopher

    Most things can be explained with logic but if that is true that election doesn’t say much for the average American voter; that is why I have come to the conclusion that the greatest threat to America is not outside its borders; not in the Middle East or Africa anyway.

    It is indeed the voter that you have to fear.

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