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March 31, 2012

End March, or beginning April if you prefer that, always herald the most significant change in the Southern hemisphere, much I suppose like end September or early October will invoke up in the Northern lands.

For us it says the summer in its most severe mood is over; nature may throw a few days of a benign Indian summer at us in April but April heralds the arrival of winter rains and your survival through another murderous summer. There is nothing ephemeral about summer heat; it is harsh on man and beast; we often need winter more than the heat of eternal summers.

The days are shrinking faster during the months of April and May down south as if to prepare inner man to slow down and rest too. Winter rescues not only what is alive but also man’s spirit; it can feed and replenish the energy of body and soul.

It brings along the long winter nights when it is good to be alive and stay indoors.

I love autumn, or the fall as my American friends call it and will some years even make me don a shirt during daylight, or even wear a pair of shoes. We have two guys in town [two brothers in fact] that we have never seen with shoes on their feet. I do wear “footgear” reluctantly for only really special occasions but I try to skip as many of them as I can.

This winter, as will be yours up north in October will herald much new thinking in the World; this old planet has given so much and man has take more from it than what we should have; man is like that. As a creature that likes endless personal comfort he plunders the beauty given to him; and he wants more, to pursue wealth or prestige driven by en insatiable desire to display and waste.

I am looking forward to winter this year; the earth is telling us that it is time to slow down and I have taken the call.