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New Generation in Robotics

April 5, 2012

The Creator of Life on earth and in the skies included the potential for change in all of His creatures; we started out with highly skilled brain capacity; though at first dormant it would come to fruition through learning and thinking.

This man did, and excelled.

Sciences developed and mankind prospered; new technologies rocketed us almost ahead of Time. The past fifty years can very well be described as the Technology and Communication Cycle in the history of our World.

We conquered disease and Space; new materials were developed and we acquired the ability to manufacture Robots to perform the menial tasks; we got close to prevent natural decay; new production technologies have enabled us to contain rust but not quite able to prevent it entirely; it remains one of the great enemies in many spheres of our daily lives.

But thinking ahead and advances made in Space travel and adding a new Planet some years ago Man stands on the brink of his greatest achievement yet.

Robots will be created to do everything for us; planting of cabbages and watermelons will cease together with all toil in the sweat of the brow.

These new robots are being trained in the classrooms of our schools and on campuses of Great Universities around the Globe even as you read this. In fact, it has advanced so far that we won’t even have to think; a robot with a Doctorate in Science will do it for us.

Life will be set free from the need to create meaning; thinking or just “shooting the breeze” with the neighbor on an evening in early fall will come to an end. Maybe they will have solved the menace of metallic rust by then as well; yes maybe it will become a plastic World.

After all plastic is rust resistant and surely when he is freed from all encumbrances of thinking and toiling in the fields Mankind will at last be Free to roam around in Space; the age and Era for it is upon us; surely it shall happen as we desire and so well deserve.

What a World? What an Era to live in?