IMF on the verge

Yes I know that I am not much but I shall tell you one thing. That is that I am not stupid, no sir, stupid I ain’t; poor I may be, half-blind and half deaf now too, but I ain’t ever been stupid.

The IMF is in trouble, in deep trouble; and don’t you go blaming it on George W Bush or on Greece. The problem is elsewhere no matter what anyone tells you.

How do I know this, you may be asking? Correct indeed, good Sir, to ask that question and I shall tell you. It came over our Government controlled and owned News Networks in the early hours this morning that the IMF has obtained a 2 [two] billion dollar loan from South Africa. To borrow money here means that they couldn’t get it elsewhere; that means trouble. I won’t even bother to tell you the rest of the story; why should I put myself in a position where you will doubt my sanity? I shall advise you though to watch your own money and the mugs and the hoodlums that handle money in your country of domicile before they take you down with them.

Down you go, folks. And you all had better show me some respect from now on.

19 Responses to “IMF on the verge”

  1. elcampeador Says:

    Hey! Who has been disrespecting, my buddy, pal, friend Ike? Point the direction and I’ll beat his, her, their asses. If that doesn’t end it, I’ll show ’em my collection of things that fire sharp pointy things at high velocity..

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks great One, my Elcampeador

      You, I do need your help; there is a young poop-scooper named the Bama or something in Penn Avenue Washington DC. Kick his ass for me please.

      • elcampeador Says:

        Your wish is my command, good sir..

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Great El, out our way we say “Yebo.” Good! Let’s go and get him; we have just a little more than four months to do it. Hehehehe

  2. elcampeador Says:

    Oh Yeah! The IMF acronym, could stand for other things, vulgar, but still things. 🙂

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      You have a point here, great El. The news seems to have spread and is getting quite a bit of exposure on the Webby.

      Our President, fellow by name of Zuma [pronounce as Eh Zooooooooooohma like in lots of Woooooooooooooomin] made it plain last night that we are now demanding greater say and authority in IMF and other World Matters. He is a different fellow from the Bama; yes indeed. He is a man and he likes women; lots of them apart from his 18 wives. I don’t think that he has much time for the little Bama so when you kick the latter’s little ass our ole Zuma will enjoy it.

  3. elcampeador Says:

    Google Search for target words bama penn avenue washington d.c.

    scanned each category, from “web” through “videos”. See if anything rings a bell..

  4. christophertrier Says:

    Obama better be out in January or else the country is as good as dead. Not that I care that much anymore. I’m getting closer and closer to being able to divide my time between Europe and Asia.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      You are lucky with your background and youth; that is after all what brought us to this point and what the young are doing today. Governments cannot be trusted so people will “up and go” as our young ones are doing from here in a steady stream.

      Obama is not relevant in the World; hr is merely a passing face in a multitude. To take him seriously; heck, Europe is not; nor the folks in charge down here.

      Go East young man; the future of the World will be decided there …. Tongue in check.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      Do you know Zurich, Switzerland? Have you been there? Please let me know and I shall explain why I ask once I have heard from you.


  5. christophertrier Says:

    My old neighbour in San Francisco predicted that the coming years
    will see an exodus of young, skilled Americans to countries such as Canada and Australia. Many will come from old mining/industry states and will bring their knowledge of extracting commodities with them.

    Obama is irrelevant to the world, as you well put. Yet he is very damaging to the US. What weighs on my mind most is that having US citizenship is increasingly becoming both worthless and burdensome. That, especially, is pushing me simply to leave.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      I came across this the other day and submitted a comment.

      It is very long and the writer provides many other links but I only read some. I do not necessarily agree with all his views but they are all interesting; well, Americans should learn to be aware of outside opinions.

      That is one of the greatest problems facing America; they have had it so good for too long and now they think that they will have it for all time to come without having to work for it.

      When you have had some time to study it let me know what you think of the overall message in the Post.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      I forgot to copy the link. Here it is:



  6. Nolanimrod Says:

    new scenario: one guy in the world now has all the money, about $11.25. He is also holding 35 quadrillion in bad paper. There is no way he can collect any of the debt because he already has all the money. Game over. Time to put all the money back in the bank, choose a new marker (I’ll take the little dog) and start over.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Nimrod

      I do not for once doubt it that we may be heading the way that you describe. I will however, keep the 11 bucks and buy some cabbage and carrot seeds to start all over.

      We have a situation in our local Mega Municipality right now that will make you laugh your head off; do remind me to tell you or I may try to put a Post together.

      Keep well old Friend.

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