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A Free State Boerseun Story

July 20, 2012

The Free State is one of our Provinces but it has the stature of a Colony to those who live there. Boerseun is Afrikaans [Dutch] for Farm Boy or a Son of the Farm [or land]. A Boerseun is tough; boy is he tough, because the land is hard and tough. They have a breed called Boerseun in America too but a Free State Boerseun wouldn’t be seen dead in San Francisco.

Our Boerseun gets on the plane to fly to Sodom. They fly into a heck of a storm and lightning hits the one wing. The plane is in trouble.

A beautiful young lady runs up the isle and turns around at the end [and is she beautiful to behold?], screaming down the isle that everybody could hear her:

“I am too young to die! Is there anyone who can make me feel like a woman for one last time if I have to go this way?”

Boerseun gets up; he is tall and lean but broad in the shoulders as he walks down the isle, and he unbuttons his shirt when he gets to her. He takes the shirt off and everyone gapes at the magnificent torso when he hands the shirt to the lady and whispers to her:

“Iron my shirt, and bring me a cold beer, quick.”

Do you still have the real Boerseun where you live? What do you call them? SF USA, no comments from you please.

How to figure your age

July 11, 2012

This is from an Email Friend; he deserves the credit and I didn’t want to steal his thunder particularly when it meant so much to me.

How to figure your age

Read his entire work with all the color and style; it is truly magnificent