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The Evolution, Volition, and Violation of Money in South Africa

August 30, 2012

I completed and submitted an Article yesterday on The Evolution of Money for Fin24 in South Africa and a few minutes ago Googled to see whether it had been published yet.

 The Article was urged upon me by this other Fin24 one under which I submitted a short comment: “Obscene, disgusting, revolting; we need this sort of thing in this country like we need a hole in the head.”

 However, my Google Search showed nothing; as soon as it is in I shall send you the link but the above one about the house drove me to grab the keyboard to do the one that you are reading now.  That is the first reason; the second being that I came across this in Google while I was searching for my other article:

 You have to read it; it is rather long but you can download it in PDS format real quick and archive it.  It is brilliantly written and almost as if the Author had my Article in mind together with the above Camps Bay one.  It should be compulsory reading for the poor and archived at all American Universities.

 You will find a photo of the grotesque monster in the above Fin24 Article and I will tell you more in comments on this one; suffices for now that it is probably filthy, dirty, soiled hot money in Camps Bay or a weekend hide out for one of our Ministers or perhaps the Nigerian Friend of a President or a banker from Waihoerie.

 Our country is at a very low point right now but we have not yet sunken to the level where a rich man who has earned his wealth with honest endeavor will erect a monstrosity as obscene and offensive as this; we still have some decent people around here.

Rough Times ahead for American Bankers

August 24, 2012

Our boys are on the roll guys; you have better get those banks out there to prepare for competition.

 Zuuuuuuuumaha will leave y’all standing.

Compulsory Reading for the Hillbillies and Obamaha

August 18, 2012

Let me explain the headline because this Post itself will be very short.

 My reference to the Hillbillies and Obamaha obviously means Hillary and Bill Clinton and their erstwhile O for Opponent but now new loves for all.  That’s it.

 The important thing in this Post is the link that follows.  I almost followed my notion to call the Post Compulsory Reading for the American Democratic Party because no Democratic Administration in America since and including Kennedy has had the slightest understanding of what Africa is.

 The link is important because it was written right on the spot by people who understand.  The news have gone around the Globe a number of times by now.

 Read this one out of the horse’s mouth though, for one reason.  For a second reason read a South African comment [I think it is comment #75 or near there.]  I give you a gist of the feeling from an unedited version of the comment.  Here is the link:

 And here is the unedited verbatim Comment about Dear Hillary:

 Hillary Clinton recently visit SA to dissuade us from backing China and Russia, we sent the evil monster packing – and now western media will try to demonize SA like they do with President Assad. I am a white south african who fully support the stance of the black government and police against thugs who arrived armed to the teeth at protests.
Such people are not peaceful protesers!
What does the west want to do? Back a few more terrorists and thugs and blame a government who is restoring the peace?

Russia and China has a moral high ground over the west these days, sadly we have to rather support them than the US who is twisting the truth of events to suit its own agenda.
USA people are great but your elite are sick control freaks on a collision course with the rest of the free world.”

 You be the Judge.

My New Blog Format

August 16, 2012

Some of you must have seen it; it’s for the eye and more in line with what I have to do to accomplish what I need [and want] to do hereafter.

Politics are becoming wearisome in the extreme and the History of Humankind and Money as I call it in my second headline is a far better description of my interests and my career than what I had in my Headlines before.

However, especially for my old Friend Nolanimrod, I shall continue to consult with the bards Rip van Winkel and Uylen Spiegel of Old Europe; there being very little that can be said of the New Europe.

I am also suddenly experiencing a problem to get my Hotlinks accepted in Posts.  I have to compose all Jaksonian Philosophy in MSWord for the eye; then copy/paste it into the New Post in the WordPress Dashboard and you can see what a hash I made of that in my recent effort: It’s all so easy at:

I shall keep on trying but was very pleasantly surprised when I ran a similar Article in Fin24, the South African Finance “e-paper” and got myself 243 readers in a day.

If and when you have time, have a look at it at:

And I am sure that 243 reads a day count for something.

Fin24 also run a small WordPress BlogSite and I am proud to have been asked to help them getting it going a little faster.  I use the same Headline and Gravatar; they insert Fin24 where you [or Wordie] insert WordPress in America in the URL, or that’s what I think one must call it.

I shall never forget you guys and I don’t intend doing the disappearing trick on you ever.  Just get the Bama out in November and I shall come over to celebrate, eye or no eye.

In conclusion for now all you lovely and adorable Americans of the 49 States, please for your own sake take note of my Post:

I got out of the market, every single penny at closing time today; still scored a little 3/4 of 1% on the last day but things don’t look so good; you must follow your own inclinations but I am taking a breather.  The market must drop at least 20% overall before I will even consider getting back in.  Don’t forget some fools invested some of your pensions in Standard Chartered.

And now the fools are starting killing each other with pangas [one of you know what a panga looks like and what it can do to you?] and long spears without any apparent awareness that the Lonmin mines have closed down because of exactly that.  I shall try and get a picture to you; it is bizarre.

God Bless Old America and all of you that have crossed my path and gave me so much love.


August 16, 2012

Just take note boys and gals; today I act as your Financial Prophet.

This day Thursday, August 16, 2012 will determine the future of Stock Exchanges around the Globe.

Get out and stay out.

It’s all so easy

August 15, 2012

This Article Headline in a South African “e-news” publication called Fin24 attracted my attention.

 StanChart in $340m Iran settlement

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Standard Chartered will pay $340m to New York’s bank regulator over transactions linked to Iran, in a speedily arranged deal likely to cheer its shareholders.

StanChart CEO takes charge of Iran talks

Cover-up, not Iran, may nail StanChart

StanChart attack ‘a US conspiracy’

What was the whole deal?  Guess $340m times 10, giving you over $3bn; or add two more zeroes for over $3 trillion.  Be my guest.

 Now just think about it; it’s all over in days.  Money flashes over the Internet in mille-seconds.  However, think about the logistics for the “crime” and the hardware required to move the bounty for which the little fine is offered to squash prosecution for the crime.

 A last question, please?  Why don’t we hear a word from Russia and China?  Well, their minds may perhaps be occupied elsewhere.

 Maybe they are thinking how long America can survive a Free Internet, or maybe even where to hoist their flags when they drop over to announce for the World to see the expansion of their property.

I am irrelevant; well I hope I am because ….

August 9, 2012


Some guy sent me this link a while ago:

Let me say right away that I do not agree with the esteemed author on everything in it; there was however, more than enough of the uncomfortable or inconvenient Truth in it to make me mad as hell at the time; it even occurred to me that the French revolution and the large guillotines they used to chop aristocratic heads off was  a good thing and that we should re-introduce it right away to take the land that is rightfully ours and rule it.  I mean we, the People, should rule again because I am one of them.

Then I remembered Steinbeck’s in The Grapes of Wrath and just the other day when I read somewhere that China has now taken number One spot from South Africa for the production of Ferrochrome; there is more than a little mirth involved in this development because we have the rocks with the raw stuff in it but we now export most of that to them; they can melt it faster and cheaper than we can in any event.

Way back I read some old history; they told us about old dynasties, kings and Queens and Greek Philosophers; even the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  We learned about the Pope and Martin Luther, Calvin and his Reformation; we were compelled to read about old Wars and Knights of War between “City Sates” or one-town States that were supposed to be countries that resulted in almost all the Kings and Queens were from the Windsor or Hapsburg clans; no wonder Napoleon rose to fame.

I sat down and converted the Post of the first line to an MSWord.doc format because I can blow up the screen and see better with my remaining one half of one eye if I do it that way.

You guys know what I found?  It amazed me so I won’t be disappointed if you express your disbelief; the World as we know it today started about 1812 when the British Colonists kicked the Monarchy and England out and private ownership of land took over in America.  But alas, it only lasted for about 100 years.

By the time Steinbeck wrote Grapes of Wrath the land was owned by “The Bank” and the idea took hold until today where very little land is privately owned by the regular farmer working and toiling in the sweat of his brow to feed his family.

Everything, anything worth mentioning is owned, governed and taxed by Banks, Corporations, Governments and they in turn are all cogs and wheels in a fair sized, but only one, World Oligarchy.  They let us vote and some of us are foolish enough to believe that their votes count.  In the meantime the Oligarchy Headmen make arsenals of ammunition to sell to each other in the hope that some will actually use the stuff to kill as many of the regular citizenry as possible to prevent them from getting together to take back our land.

I have decided that what I shall do from now on while I am still here is to devote all my energy, time and effort to create my own independence from all Government, Banks, Corporations and the rest of the Schmucks.  I am going to grow my own vegetables, dig a well for my own water, put up solar panels for my own private heating and cooking facilities and live of the fat of the land; my neighbor and I have decided to keep chickens for meat and eggs and so on ….

Bet you one thing; nobody is going to take me seriously but that will suit me just fine; if I can make myself sufficiently irrelevant such that they won’t even tax me no further I will have achieved my goal. I shall be a pauper; why should I care who is President or whether Obama or Romney or old Rip van Winkel governs in the USA; time has long gone since I last bothered to find out who is in charge in England and Australia in any event.

I shall no longer be responsible or relevant to anyone.     Heck, the more I think about it the more I like it.

Good Offer for Facebook Shares

August 6, 2012

Don’t miss out on this one by waiting too long.

An anonymous buyer from South Africa is offering 1 [one] Zimbabwe Dollar for every 5 [five] Facebook shares for a limited period.

The offer will expire on Friday August 10th and will not be repeated.

Hurry before you are compelled to pay to find someone to take the silly things off your hands.

The Test

August 6, 2012


This student passed with full marks.

Facebook the Illegitimate Child

August 5, 2012

Sorry if some of you guys may disagree. I came across this on the woes of the illegitimate child.

Facebook not a bargain at half price
Aug 05 2012 15:49
Facebook shares have lost nearly half their value since a highly-touted public offering in May, but it’s still not a bargain for some.
Facebook revenue spike fails to impress

Value of Facebook ‘likes’ questioned

Facebook boss loses $4.7bn
Facebook does remind me of the unwedded mother who already had a child born out of wedlock and did not know who the father of the second new-born baby was. Obviously the baby didn’t know either and never found out; he would probably grow up not knowing that it takes a father and a mother to produce a child.

Shoot the messenger if you wish but it is time for Internet Control. Scream Freedom as much as you wish; this monster must be controlled before it destroys the entire Financial System of the World.

Keep an eye on China; maybe if you won’t they will do it; it will need a Country that still have moral balls to do it.