I am irrelevant; well I hope I am because ….


Some guy sent me this link a while ago:


Let me say right away that I do not agree with the esteemed author on everything in it; there was however, more than enough of the uncomfortable or inconvenient Truth in it to make me mad as hell at the time; it even occurred to me that the French revolution and the large guillotines they used to chop aristocratic heads off was  a good thing and that we should re-introduce it right away to take the land that is rightfully ours and rule it.  I mean we, the People, should rule again because I am one of them.

Then I remembered Steinbeck’s in The Grapes of Wrath and just the other day when I read somewhere that China has now taken number One spot from South Africa for the production of Ferrochrome; there is more than a little mirth involved in this development because we have the rocks with the raw stuff in it but we now export most of that to them; they can melt it faster and cheaper than we can in any event.

Way back I read some old history; they told us about old dynasties, kings and Queens and Greek Philosophers; even the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  We learned about the Pope and Martin Luther, Calvin and his Reformation; we were compelled to read about old Wars and Knights of War between “City Sates” or one-town States that were supposed to be countries that resulted in almost all the Kings and Queens were from the Windsor or Hapsburg clans; no wonder Napoleon rose to fame.

I sat down and converted the Post of the first line to an MSWord.doc format because I can blow up the screen and see better with my remaining one half of one eye if I do it that way.

You guys know what I found?  It amazed me so I won’t be disappointed if you express your disbelief; the World as we know it today started about 1812 when the British Colonists kicked the Monarchy and England out and private ownership of land took over in America.  But alas, it only lasted for about 100 years.

By the time Steinbeck wrote Grapes of Wrath the land was owned by “The Bank” and the idea took hold until today where very little land is privately owned by the regular farmer working and toiling in the sweat of his brow to feed his family.

Everything, anything worth mentioning is owned, governed and taxed by Banks, Corporations, Governments and they in turn are all cogs and wheels in a fair sized, but only one, World Oligarchy.  They let us vote and some of us are foolish enough to believe that their votes count.  In the meantime the Oligarchy Headmen make arsenals of ammunition to sell to each other in the hope that some will actually use the stuff to kill as many of the regular citizenry as possible to prevent them from getting together to take back our land.

I have decided that what I shall do from now on while I am still here is to devote all my energy, time and effort to create my own independence from all Government, Banks, Corporations and the rest of the Schmucks.  I am going to grow my own vegetables, dig a well for my own water, put up solar panels for my own private heating and cooking facilities and live of the fat of the land; my neighbor and I have decided to keep chickens for meat and eggs and so on ….

Bet you one thing; nobody is going to take me seriously but that will suit me just fine; if I can make myself sufficiently irrelevant such that they won’t even tax me no further I will have achieved my goal. I shall be a pauper; why should I care who is President or whether Obama or Romney or old Rip van Winkel governs in the USA; time has long gone since I last bothered to find out who is in charge in England and Australia in any event.

I shall no longer be responsible or relevant to anyone.     Heck, the more I think about it the more I like it.


15 Responses to “I am irrelevant; well I hope I am because ….”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Well guys and gals

    How do you like my new Blog design?

  2. Gregoryno6 Says:

    Well, Ike, this new venture’s a long way from The Test, all right!
    Keep us up to date on how it works out.
    And yeah, it’s a damn cool hat. I know.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Gee thanks for the fast reaction Gregory. I really liked the “About” Post. Having just turned 72 a week ago on August 3rd your views awakened things from long time ago. Thanks for that too.

  3. cheechdog Says:

    “Everything, anything worth mentioning is owned, governed and taxed by Banks, Corporations, Governments and they in turn are all cogs and wheels in a fair sized, but only one, World Oligarchy. They let us vote and some of us are foolish enough to believe that their votes count. In the meantime the Oligarchy Headmen make arsenals of ammunition to sell to each other in the hope that some will actually use the stuff to kill as many of the regular citizenry as possible to prevent them from getting together to take back our land”

    Ike, I believe this is so very true. We get to play the game but no matter which side wins the real winner is ALWAYS the Oligarchy.

    I envy the men, here in the US,who wander off into the great Rocky Mountains and live a life free of any government interference.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Thanks Cheechdog

      You will be quite correct if you think that I am changing course.

      I have lost most interest in any Politics; it’s all a rotten stinking mess and I have really come to believe [at least in the so-called modern age that we find ourselves in] that politics are irrelevant; whoever is elected is irrelevant.

      I am going to make myself relevant by being irrelevant to them. Schmucks they are; the whole darn lot.

  4. christophertrier Says:

    I understand your sentiment quite well, Ike.
    Is there much difference? Well, there is some,
    but in the end we’re all going to hell in the same
    hand cart. Some just speed the process up more than others.

    As I’ve said before, I’m trying to arrange some sort of life for myself and I am willing to pay the price to do it. I’ve given up much of my youth for that purpose, I give up much of my free time to pay my dues — to build bridges, strengthen connexions to places with economic futures, to places where, despite not having a place, life will be reasonably comfortable.

    And a belated thank you for the translations… I’m memorising them for my own use!

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Hi Christopher

      It is a sad day for the young ones and I don’t know whether we can give advice at our age. The World has changed so much; and change is good. I have always believed that we must adapt in order to grow.

      But alas, I think far too many see change as the best opportunity to “grab and exploit” the basic honest to goodness decency of the regular citizen.

      I am beginning to despise politics.

      Those translations are perfect when used in the situation as I understood. Just don’t go and translate them back to English to use in different situations. Hehehaha

  5. Nolanimrod Says:

    I like the new look, too. Title is kind of ironic because your philosophy as put forth is truly Jacksonian, consonant with the ideas of the American president and Dueller-in-Chief, Andrew Jackson.

    Problem is, it doesn’t work. Unless you want to get to a life that provides old age at 40, 80% infant mortality, no books, no Internet, no way to enforce right of contract, completely at the mercy of the first band of armed men who ride by. Unless you want to provide an alarm system and some really good guns. For those you need money and how are you going to get that if you are doing the subsistence thing.

    Oh, and you might also need money for medicine, a new pair of glasses, and, even if you do your own reloading, primers, bullets, and brass unless you want to go the black powder muzzle-loading route and make your own black powder. But while ol’ Betsy might be good for the occasional Guinea fowl it probably won’t be much against the AK-47’s the bands of armed men are going to have.

    No, old friend, what we in the West must do to reclaim our glorious cultural inheritance and to do that we have to overthrow the current nobility we have set to rule over us.

    And by nobility I mean, of course, The Poor.

    Capitalism (and by Capitalism I mean the voluntary exchange of goods and services between two parties by mutual consent) and the Western system of Representative Government, Individual Freedom and Rule of Law (I capitalize these because they are as much isms – belief systems – as Communism, Fascism, etc.) have given us in The West lives that are beyond the most grandiose dreams of the most grandiose rulers of not too long ago.

    Kublai Khan, whose palace and life so astounded Marco Polo that he couldn’t stop talking about it, didn’t live as high off the hog as the poorest project resident in New Orleans with his food stamps, free housing, free monthly commodities box (from which he would keep the free Government Cheese and throw away the powdered milk and Farina, spaghetti noodles, macaroni noodles, etc. because they required cooking) and wide, flat-screen TV he acquired with money one of his baby-mamas gave him from some of the money the government paid her each month which he could watch while eating his cheese and if, while watching the TV he forgot where he was he could push a button on his free cell phone (free because he was signed up for Medicaid, the free medical care service) to access a GPS satellite and show him where he was.

    Try THAT, Kublai!


    Our project resident may be in jeopardy of going down in a hail of bullets whenever he heaves his house but that’s because the police – even black police – often get in trouble for shooting black gunslingers so they don’t try too hard around the projects.

    And that man is our new ruler. Whenever our laws get twisted it is always. Always. ALWAYS. ALWAYS! to help THE POOR. They may not call them that. They may be The Disadvantaged, or The Minorities, or The Disabled, but it is always about The Poor.

    In 1963, in the One Man One Vote Decision, the Supreme court in effect said that the legislative scheme laid out in the U.S. Constitution was unconstitutional if used at the state level become some counties had fewer people than other counties but each county had the same number of state senators. Just the way the constitution set it up for the states. But it all had to be changed, with each state senate district organized by population, not county boundaries, to give more representation to urban (read poor) areas.

    That’s how twisted law can get under the Rule of the Poor. Povriarchy? Our own Constitution wasn’t constitutional enough once we got worried about The Poor.

    Of course, like all ruling casts, there are some rules about who can join. Whites can join only if they are willing to have everybody make jokes about them. Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans are out, too.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      I will have to take your comments one by one but want to say a big large THANK YOU FOR ALL right at the start.

      In this, the first one, yes I have been and I still am an admirer of Former President Jackson. On my shelve right next to me is a book titled The Jacksonian Persuasion on his life and his Presidency. You are a wise man and it is to me an honor of great proportions to have met you way back in England the first time. Make an effort and read the book.

      That is however, sadly for me, the only direct connection with the famous man. Maybe I should mention that one of my idiosyncrasies has been an interest in names. You are sure to know that the first Jackson was called that because he was the son of Jack; same with Johnson ….. Jakson is based on the same origins but the Dutch don’t have much use for the letter C; that being stated as a fact which you may accept, they [the same Dutch] and some of the Scandinavian languages way back when simply dropped the C [as in the case of Jackson versus Jakson] or where there was no C followed by a K as in Jackson they simply replaced the C with a K; then you will also have to try understand that they [the old Dutch and other Germanic language countries of origin] have, or they claim to have, a much greater affinity with the Bible than the English [so they do claim in fact] with the consequent result that there is no direct link of anyone called Jack but in its stead a direct link with Jacob from the Bible; what is often called Calvinism is a great influence in Dutch; hence Jakson in Dutch first came about as Son of Jacob though by this time you will begin to understand that Jacob from the Bible started his Dutch existence as Jakop whilst some after the original Bible Jacob were later on renamed Jakobus [for greater fluency] and from that we eventually arrived at Jakson, the son of Jakobus.

      I treasure our friendship and offer the aforementioned in that spirit. Your other teachings and your reference to my new Post Headlines are valued but you don’t have to worry for my safety or sanity of mind. I do see some of the advantages of modern life that you mention but in the Jaksonian Philosophy I am beginning to doubt the validity of viewing all modern life as progress; in fact, I do have a fear that we may “progress ourselves right off the face of the earth” unless we come to our senses soon and I am just going to adjust to be one of the few survivors to restart the new line of Jaksons once the dust clears up.

      The rest of your comment is a marvel; we must continue the many lines, statements and philosophies as you have expressed them.

  6. Nolanimrod Says:

    How about Povertarchy?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Povertarchy is a nice touch; we must get it into the next generation of dictionaries. But I am afraid that the poor will always be with us and will get even poorer.

      Don’t thinkm for even one moment that South Africa [just as an example; it would be equally valid just to say Africa] menas a better life for the black peoples. When your comments arrived I had started the outline for a Post that I will complete after replying to all your wisdom and will probably call it something like Compulsory Reading for Hillbillies and Obamaha on a rather sad few days for South Africa that is currently in the World Media. Look out for it because there will be something on this comment in the Post.

      What we most certainly have is a much better life for a small number of black people; you mention “riches beyond” but when I say beyond in this case I mean man, I mean, BEYOND BEYOND [HOW FAR BEYOND DO YOU WANT ME TO GO?] the remaining Povertarchy for the vast majority of Black People. If you find it hard to believe this or if you have any doubts, just look out for my Post and read it.

      It is no more a color struggle old Friend; it is a Class Struggle of enormous proportions. The Black Oligarchy of “modern Africa is run by about the same number of black people as the group once known as the White Oppressors but each one of them is richer far beyond the dreams of any white man ever in this country. For the remaining Povertarchy [the latter now including a great number of White People] it means greater poverty and not a chance of ever getting out of it.

  7. Nolanimrod Says:

    Jews can’t join, either.

    Some, like Mexicans, who a generation ago would clobber you if you said they weren’t White have found some hefty advantages in being The Poor so they have jumped on the race bandwagon and become Hispanics which is pretty funny since an actual Spaniard, his ancestors not having diddled an Indian, would probably be too fair and left at the station as the gravy train roared off in search of government favoritism.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      We have certainly solved the “membership” problem out our way. A Committee of about 3 500 “leaders” choose the President. He chooses his successor, appoints all the judges and chairpersons of about a hundred new committees; and banks the dough in Zurich Switzerland and a French Bank or two; he also has a home in Hawaii and in as many Island Countries of his personal choice. Period.

  8. Nolanimrod Says:

    btw the reason they needed the large guillotines (as opposed to the regular or garden variety guillotines) to chop aristocrats’ heads was that, often times, the heads were seriously swollen (added to the fact that the guillotinees were usually French, a nation whose inhabitants are frequently afflicted with the condition regardless of their social rank)

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