My New Blog Format

Some of you must have seen it; it’s for the eye and more in line with what I have to do to accomplish what I need [and want] to do hereafter.

Politics are becoming wearisome in the extreme and the History of Humankind and Money as I call it in my second headline is a far better description of my interests and my career than what I had in my Headlines before.

However, especially for my old Friend Nolanimrod, I shall continue to consult with the bards Rip van Winkel and Uylen Spiegel of Old Europe; there being very little that can be said of the New Europe.

I am also suddenly experiencing a problem to get my Hotlinks accepted in Posts.  I have to compose all Jaksonian Philosophy in MSWord for the eye; then copy/paste it into the New Post in the WordPress Dashboard and you can see what a hash I made of that in my recent effort: It’s all so easy at:

I shall keep on trying but was very pleasantly surprised when I ran a similar Article in Fin24, the South African Finance “e-paper” and got myself 243 readers in a day.

If and when you have time, have a look at it at:

And I am sure that 243 reads a day count for something.

Fin24 also run a small WordPress BlogSite and I am proud to have been asked to help them getting it going a little faster.  I use the same Headline and Gravatar; they insert Fin24 where you [or Wordie] insert WordPress in America in the URL, or that’s what I think one must call it.

I shall never forget you guys and I don’t intend doing the disappearing trick on you ever.  Just get the Bama out in November and I shall come over to celebrate, eye or no eye.

In conclusion for now all you lovely and adorable Americans of the 49 States, please for your own sake take note of my Post:

I got out of the market, every single penny at closing time today; still scored a little 3/4 of 1% on the last day but things don’t look so good; you must follow your own inclinations but I am taking a breather.  The market must drop at least 20% overall before I will even consider getting back in.  Don’t forget some fools invested some of your pensions in Standard Chartered.

And now the fools are starting killing each other with pangas [one of you know what a panga looks like and what it can do to you?] and long spears without any apparent awareness that the Lonmin mines have closed down because of exactly that.  I shall try and get a picture to you; it is bizarre.

God Bless Old America and all of you that have crossed my path and gave me so much love.

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One Response to “My New Blog Format”

  1. Ike Jakson Says:

    Thanks boudicabpi

    I always get embarrassed because I try to get to your Blog when you drop in with me but I never seem able to get to you. Please guide me in.

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