The Evolution, Volition, and Violation of Money in South Africa

I completed and submitted an Article yesterday on The Evolution of Money for Fin24 in South Africa and a few minutes ago Googled to see whether it had been published yet.

 The Article was urged upon me by this other Fin24 one under which I submitted a short comment: “Obscene, disgusting, revolting; we need this sort of thing in this country like we need a hole in the head.”

 However, my Google Search showed nothing; as soon as it is in I shall send you the link but the above one about the house drove me to grab the keyboard to do the one that you are reading now.  That is the first reason; the second being that I came across this in Google while I was searching for my other article:

 You have to read it; it is rather long but you can download it in PDS format real quick and archive it.  It is brilliantly written and almost as if the Author had my Article in mind together with the above Camps Bay one.  It should be compulsory reading for the poor and archived at all American Universities.

 You will find a photo of the grotesque monster in the above Fin24 Article and I will tell you more in comments on this one; suffices for now that it is probably filthy, dirty, soiled hot money in Camps Bay or a weekend hide out for one of our Ministers or perhaps the Nigerian Friend of a President or a banker from Waihoerie.

 Our country is at a very low point right now but we have not yet sunken to the level where a rich man who has earned his wealth with honest endeavor will erect a monstrosity as obscene and offensive as this; we still have some decent people around here.

5 Responses to “The Evolution, Volition, and Violation of Money in South Africa”

  1. cheechdog Says:

    Hello Ike, I’ll get back to this later today after I get home from work.

  2. cheechdog Says:

    Ike, my eyes wont allow me to read too much at a time, but I did read as much as I was able.

    Regarding money. The best definition, in my humble opinion, is “It is what represents one’s labor”.

    When a person has so much more more than they could have possibly earned by themselves, it has to have been taken from someone else.

    It’s always easier to spend another person’s money.

    Regarding the Mansion, I read the piece and i can’t figure out who is building it or why it is being built.

    Is your government building it?

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      You ask: “Is your government building it?” We are all trying to find out who done it and how. The press picked it up and started a war of words almost like any American Obama Post.

      For the rest you are so right. What’s the eye business with you? I would hate to find anyone else in my position. Take good care.
      Thanks for the visit.

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