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The Origin, Evolution and the Inevitable Demise of Money Part One

September 29, 2012



Those of my regular Readers will know that I have been doing independent private research for a book that is for the time being titled My Genesis.  I will have another name when it is published.


The original intention of my research concentrated on the Colonial period wherever it was practiced and how it was practiced and it soon led me to concentrate much of my research on Perceptions of Colonialization and the results thereof.  Later on I realized that such a voluminous task cannot exclude an in depth study of the role of Money and I switched to the Origin and Evolution of Money in between whenever it was opportune.  The Demise of Money is a much more recent occurrence; one that must be reckoned with by Governments and Economists, Bankers and Traders, and Countries active in International Trade.


Much of what you will read in the series of Posts that I have in mind will be dealt with in My Genesis to illustrate what has since happened to the masses.  For the time being I shall deal with individual aspects at commercial trade and Intentions of Trade by Governments and Business.


Lastly for now, this specific Post will deal only with the Origin of Money before 1750, which ass you will see will be more or less the point or the timeframe where I will pick up the first threads of my Colonialism research, the point being that though a fair amount of Colonialization had happened [or rather started] before 1750 but the whole enchilada, the indulgence and the pursuit of wealth escalated from then onwards.


With this in mind I shall offer you only one link to the Origin of Money because it is the best that I have ever read; the author had done some awesome detailed research on the subject going back to the time when their was no money at all and all trade was in barter form.


Before I key the link in I assure you that the next post following on this one will deal with the Evolution of money; without further ado I commend to you:

The History of Money 1


From Its Origins to Our Time


Recognition, acknowledgement and and all credit to the author.  It is a must read and I will only offer you his conclusion by Copy& Paste to encourage you to read the entire work; it is rather lengthy but it is vital reading for every single individual depending on living on a pension in his/her twilight years.


Commence Quote verbatim, no editing by me:“CONCLUSION


The origins of money are veiled in myths. Today, for most people, how money works is still shrouded in mystery. Most young people will want to understand it well enough to know how best to manage money for themselves and their families. Also, as citizens of their localities and countries and the world, many will want to understand how money

could serve people’s interests better than it does today.”  End of quote



There will be more to come soon.

By Ike Jakson

Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Bergrivier Municipality [aka Bergmun] Piketberg WC RSA

September 24, 2012

I could also call this:

An open letter on behalf of a friend


 A formal request for the resignation of the Municipal Manager Christa Liebenberg of Bergmun, Sub-Sahara, Sandveld Region, Western Cape, South Africa, Continent of the USA [A for Africa, far away from Disney in the other A] of Africa.

 That makes me think that if this high and mighty but utterly incompetent Office Bearer would do my friend a favor if the incompetent one would jump of the highest rock in the mountain against which the town of Piketberg nestles in the sun and also provide a satisfactory solution everyone will accept.  The entire region will probably rise as one and applaud if she could arrange for her head to hit a rock when she hits the ground; it will definitely ensure another public Holiday in the years ahead.

 However all my friend asked me is to tell you that Erf 717 is not in Skool Street, neither has anyone at Erf 717 ever resided in Skool Street in the Grand Metropolis of Redelinghuys.  It merely happens that the old Erf 717 bordered on Skool Street but it was really in Kotze Street.  When it was sub-divided two years ago the remaining portion still known as Erf 717 is in the middle of Kotze Street two positions away from Skool Street.

 Get someone without rocks in the head TO FIX THE TINY LITTLE PROBLEM FOR MY FRIEND.

 Or …. Well, go take a jump.

Short Walk back to Old Africa

September 12, 2012

Many of you will recognize the pun on Nelson Mandela’s book Long Walk to Freedom.

 It looks like our day is unavoidable now; it has been just a short walk in time.  One link is enough; if you read all the related links that you will find as you surf around you will be reading until Election 2012 day and I don’t want to do that to you.

 So just read my closing comment in this one:

 We have always been the last bastion at the southernmost point of the continent.  Thanks to England, America and the World the end of the road is nigh.  For you who don’t know where and what it is [that specifically include the Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and Obama Administrations] we are now just round the corner from Zimbabwe as these ignoramuses wanted it to be.

Non-Racist Strikes and violence

Malema’s Strikers

 For the very first time the evil Colonists can smile; though we don’t smile with glee we could if we want to because the killing is between black and black.  The “haves” are now virtually 99% black and so are the have not’s, except that the gap is wider and the great divide is growing.

 Don’t cry for me America; cry for thee.  You have wished it upon us and thee are heading in the same direction.  You may not be immune to the same fate.

 I hate to do this to you and ask that you please note that it excludes “America of the 49 States” but our hope in this World lies in China and Russia.

 Your only hope, and one last opportunity not to be repeated lies in getting Romney into the White House in January of next year.  It will be numbered 2013 in the Gregorian Calendar; don’t fail.

Oscars galore for this Movie, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor Awards

September 5, 2012

This movie will be a winner when it is released in November; they say on the 6th and the date is firmly set.

People in the know gave me access to the entire show except for the finale that is yet to be completed. It is a fine story with terrific sound effects; rich garments and the make-up people par excellence [“exhalaants” as they say in French].

There are moments of triumph and moments of sadness; the end will make you cry. Comedy abounds; intrigue and suspense will mystify the audiences.

In essence it is the story of a young man from Africa falling in love with this adorable quintessential American beauty. He has no other history besides surfacing in Chicago, free-lancing it as a community organizer; she is a person of quality, ambition and a lust for recognition but had to work as a lawyer [so it is said] but fireworks happened when they met and decided to have a large white house.

So he went into the movies with her at his side; the rest of the story unfolds; you will not have a dull moment and you will never forget the experience. There were moments when you might have thought that they were going to change everything, yes, in the everything was “more of the same”. You will see comedy as you have near seen before. It’s a pity that Oprah has left public life; she would have loved it to go on for another four years.

Oscar Award for best actress goes to Missy Michelli and Oscar for best supporting actor Frankie Barney Obambi.

Sad news is that the movie will not be screened in Africa, the Middle East or in China; they have other things on their minds.

Heck tomorrow is September 6th which means it’s just two months to go.

Enjoy the ride, Folks. The movie will probably be named The White House Couple and will get an Oscar for the Best Comedy ever since Adam settled down in Paradise.

Solar Heating, Money and Obama

September 2, 2012

Most of my readers know that I am occupied with my own kind of research of Colonialism, and the effects of that period on life today; how we live it and what we do is most often influenced by the history of Colonialism.

 When others talk about Colonialism some groups remember slavery; some know sufficient about the subject to talk about the role of Religion in Colonialism but very few are willing to admit that Colonialism had but one purpose; that is even today often denied but the denials are but vainly obscured efforts to hide the sole purpose of Colonialism.

 That purpose was MONEY.

 The Colonial powers, Colonists, Independence from Colonial Powers and the desire for Freedom by Colonists were driven by MONEY.

 I touched upon some of these matters in my recent Post:

 The aforementioned Post was a bit of satire tongue in cheek where I refer to Darwin because I am amused by the Theory of Evolution and therefore Evolution in the Title.  Then very soon afterwards my good fortune, as happens when one is rewarded for good behavior, allowed my one remaining eye to fall on a Post that landed on my Computer from somewhere.

 It is not my work and I can’t tell you where or how I got it because I don’t remember.  But it is the best work I have ever read about the Origin of Money.  If you have read some of my many Posts on history, on the Internet Development and money you will see why this work left an indelible impression on my personal thoughts.  The Post that you are now reading therefore comes to you with acknowledgement and all credit to the author named James Robertson.  I commend this to any student of History in General, and Money in particular.  The Article is somewhat lengthy but I think you can download it in PDF format to keep and refer back to at leisure;

 So, without further ado you can access and save it by pressing right HERE

 You may then ask why I am silly enough to add the name Obama in the title of this Post.

 Folks, this is Election Time, China is taking over the World; you will have seen/heard all the hue and cry about Apple and Samsung; it tells me only one thing.  The Bama must at least try to appear to look Presidential; a few hits at Samsung and China can do him no harm in November.

 As a special to America read:

 It may even help get the Bama re-elected and the sober ones in Politics may be forced to pause in their politically motivated support of alternative energy.