Solar Heating, Money and Obama

Most of my readers know that I am occupied with my own kind of research of Colonialism, and the effects of that period on life today; how we live it and what we do is most often influenced by the history of Colonialism.

 When others talk about Colonialism some groups remember slavery; some know sufficient about the subject to talk about the role of Religion in Colonialism but very few are willing to admit that Colonialism had but one purpose; that is even today often denied but the denials are but vainly obscured efforts to hide the sole purpose of Colonialism.

 That purpose was MONEY.

 The Colonial powers, Colonists, Independence from Colonial Powers and the desire for Freedom by Colonists were driven by MONEY.

 I touched upon some of these matters in my recent Post:

 The aforementioned Post was a bit of satire tongue in cheek where I refer to Darwin because I am amused by the Theory of Evolution and therefore Evolution in the Title.  Then very soon afterwards my good fortune, as happens when one is rewarded for good behavior, allowed my one remaining eye to fall on a Post that landed on my Computer from somewhere.

 It is not my work and I can’t tell you where or how I got it because I don’t remember.  But it is the best work I have ever read about the Origin of Money.  If you have read some of my many Posts on history, on the Internet Development and money you will see why this work left an indelible impression on my personal thoughts.  The Post that you are now reading therefore comes to you with acknowledgement and all credit to the author named James Robertson.  I commend this to any student of History in General, and Money in particular.  The Article is somewhat lengthy but I think you can download it in PDF format to keep and refer back to at leisure;

 So, without further ado you can access and save it by pressing right HERE

 You may then ask why I am silly enough to add the name Obama in the title of this Post.

 Folks, this is Election Time, China is taking over the World; you will have seen/heard all the hue and cry about Apple and Samsung; it tells me only one thing.  The Bama must at least try to appear to look Presidential; a few hits at Samsung and China can do him no harm in November.

 As a special to America read:

 It may even help get the Bama re-elected and the sober ones in Politics may be forced to pause in their politically motivated support of alternative energy.



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