Oscars galore for this Movie, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor Awards

This movie will be a winner when it is released in November; they say on the 6th and the date is firmly set.

People in the know gave me access to the entire show except for the finale that is yet to be completed. It is a fine story with terrific sound effects; rich garments and the make-up people par excellence [“exhalaants” as they say in French].

There are moments of triumph and moments of sadness; the end will make you cry. Comedy abounds; intrigue and suspense will mystify the audiences.

In essence it is the story of a young man from Africa falling in love with this adorable quintessential American beauty. He has no other history besides surfacing in Chicago, free-lancing it as a community organizer; she is a person of quality, ambition and a lust for recognition but had to work as a lawyer [so it is said] but fireworks happened when they met and decided to have a large white house.

So he went into the movies with her at his side; the rest of the story unfolds; you will not have a dull moment and you will never forget the experience. There were moments when you might have thought that they were going to change everything, yes, in the everything was “more of the same”. You will see comedy as you have near seen before. It’s a pity that Oprah has left public life; she would have loved it to go on for another four years.

Oscar Award for best actress goes to Missy Michelli and Oscar for best supporting actor Frankie Barney Obambi.

Sad news is that the movie will not be screened in Africa, the Middle East or in China; they have other things on their minds.

Heck tomorrow is September 6th which means it’s just two months to go.

Enjoy the ride, Folks. The movie will probably be named The White House Couple and will get an Oscar for the Best Comedy ever since Adam settled down in Paradise.

4 Responses to “Oscars galore for this Movie, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor Awards”

  1. christophertrier Says:

    Tee hee,

  2. Gregoryno6 Says:

    A sequel appears to be in doubt. But Hollywood will find a way around that.

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