Bergrivier Municipality [aka Bergmun] Piketberg WC RSA

I could also call this:

An open letter on behalf of a friend


 A formal request for the resignation of the Municipal Manager Christa Liebenberg of Bergmun, Sub-Sahara, Sandveld Region, Western Cape, South Africa, Continent of the USA [A for Africa, far away from Disney in the other A] of Africa.

 That makes me think that if this high and mighty but utterly incompetent Office Bearer would do my friend a favor if the incompetent one would jump of the highest rock in the mountain against which the town of Piketberg nestles in the sun and also provide a satisfactory solution everyone will accept.  The entire region will probably rise as one and applaud if she could arrange for her head to hit a rock when she hits the ground; it will definitely ensure another public Holiday in the years ahead.

 However all my friend asked me is to tell you that Erf 717 is not in Skool Street, neither has anyone at Erf 717 ever resided in Skool Street in the Grand Metropolis of Redelinghuys.  It merely happens that the old Erf 717 bordered on Skool Street but it was really in Kotze Street.  When it was sub-divided two years ago the remaining portion still known as Erf 717 is in the middle of Kotze Street two positions away from Skool Street.

 Get someone without rocks in the head TO FIX THE TINY LITTLE PROBLEM FOR MY FRIEND.

 Or …. Well, go take a jump.

2 Responses to “Bergrivier Municipality [aka Bergmun] Piketberg WC RSA”

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