The Origin, Evolution and the Inevitable Demise of Money Part One



Those of my regular Readers will know that I have been doing independent private research for a book that is for the time being titled My Genesis.  I will have another name when it is published.


The original intention of my research concentrated on the Colonial period wherever it was practiced and how it was practiced and it soon led me to concentrate much of my research on Perceptions of Colonialization and the results thereof.  Later on I realized that such a voluminous task cannot exclude an in depth study of the role of Money and I switched to the Origin and Evolution of Money in between whenever it was opportune.  The Demise of Money is a much more recent occurrence; one that must be reckoned with by Governments and Economists, Bankers and Traders, and Countries active in International Trade.


Much of what you will read in the series of Posts that I have in mind will be dealt with in My Genesis to illustrate what has since happened to the masses.  For the time being I shall deal with individual aspects at commercial trade and Intentions of Trade by Governments and Business.


Lastly for now, this specific Post will deal only with the Origin of Money before 1750, which ass you will see will be more or less the point or the timeframe where I will pick up the first threads of my Colonialism research, the point being that though a fair amount of Colonialization had happened [or rather started] before 1750 but the whole enchilada, the indulgence and the pursuit of wealth escalated from then onwards.


With this in mind I shall offer you only one link to the Origin of Money because it is the best that I have ever read; the author had done some awesome detailed research on the subject going back to the time when their was no money at all and all trade was in barter form.


Before I key the link in I assure you that the next post following on this one will deal with the Evolution of money; without further ado I commend to you:

The History of Money 1


From Its Origins to Our Time


Recognition, acknowledgement and and all credit to the author.  It is a must read and I will only offer you his conclusion by Copy& Paste to encourage you to read the entire work; it is rather lengthy but it is vital reading for every single individual depending on living on a pension in his/her twilight years.


Commence Quote verbatim, no editing by me:“CONCLUSION


The origins of money are veiled in myths. Today, for most people, how money works is still shrouded in mystery. Most young people will want to understand it well enough to know how best to manage money for themselves and their families. Also, as citizens of their localities and countries and the world, many will want to understand how money

could serve people’s interests better than it does today.”  End of quote



There will be more to come soon.

By Ike Jakson

Sunday, September 30, 2012

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