For America of the 49 States

It is already October 6th at exactly 6:18:57 AM according to my computer as I start this on the keyboard; out your way some of you are up to nine hours in the past still but I am doing it for my future reference.

 There is pretty little that I can do about your Election 2012; in fact I can do nothing about it but cling to my guns that I don’t have, my religion that means more to me as I mature and I don’t have it in me to say that I live with any audacity of hope.

 What I do know is that from one point of view it is not important whether the Bama is re-elected in a month from now or not; what is important is what the voters are going to do.

 Africa’s fate is sealed and cannot be changed.  It is going back in grand style to what it always used to be.  They always relished it and it is quite evident they are relishing the return to their old ways.

 Don’t let it happen to you, America.

 Outside Waynesville going west towards Cherokee NC there is a roadside lookout high up near the summit just before you get to the sprawling RV Park on left.  In July when the heat zaps you down in Georgia I drove Jakkie up in the mountains; roof and cab aircon running all the time because it was hot.  Something made me stop to admire the view.  As I descended the two steps of the van and then took two steps away I had to dash back in for a windbreaker; there was a gentle fresh cool breeze blowing on my back from the north.

 How I would love to have been there now.

 Keep America good, fellows; for you, your children, and for me if I ever find a way of coming round one more time before I have to cross the river that we all must do some time or another.

 God bless you.

Dedicated to:

JP, Lady BD Denise of bydesign, Bob Mack, David of Nebraska, Nolanimrod, Cheechdawg of Iowa, towp, boudicabhi, Christopher Aus Trier,

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4 Responses to “For America of the 49 States”

  1. JP Says:

    Why thank you good sir.

    Depending on which U.S. Route you ventured, on your way to Cherokee, is either on U.S. 19 OR U.S. 23/74 headed towards Sylva, NC prior to heading North to Cherokee, NC. Most natural route is U.S. Highway 19, though. Been traipsing, these here old lovely mountains, fer a damn long time. (please forgive a few Southern words) 🙂

    Have stood on said tower, plenty of times.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      It feels as if the year is already running out, old Friend. You don’t have to thank me because I am the indebted one for your hospitality.

      Way back I used to go to Cherokee from Hiram GA, starting out with the big almighty I 75 just to get out of the Atlanta area; then did your routes 23/74 to Silva and a short hop from there to the right on US 441 into Cherokee. It is beautiful but the best is the mountain road hardly used by the guy in a hurry.
      You go right into the heart of old Cherokee heading north and must have time; drive too fast and you will miss a tiny mountain road; it’s not a crossing and was often easily obscured by the huge trees; go right for a very short stretch along the valley bottom and take a deep breath to start climbing; it is probably the other part of US 19 twisting going along; you must do it at 20 mph breathing feeling America. It’s maybe only 20 odd miles to the top off the mountain where you pass the big RV Park on the right going north and then you can free-wheel it down to Maggie’s Valley. I should have said that in the post but Maggie’s doesn’t appear on all the maps but Waynesville does.

      If you are that way again and don’t mind night driving [I loved it when I still had two healthy eyes] leave Maggie’s just after dark and take it easy out in the direction of Waynesville; get on the Blue Ridge Parkway but take it slow; stop at every truck stop and hope the night fog comes down [or is it up?], never mind comes early; it blows the mind to see these huge lakes in the mountains until you realize it’s the bottom fog in the deep valleys one after the other as if you are you sitting up there in the big skies in a big slow moving balloon; breathtaking doesn’t describe it.

      Go right JP. I have faith/confidence and trust in you; just hope that it’s the other beggar getting the 47% this time round. It’s a turning ground, or a watershed year for America; hope the voters understand that. Take the right turn and America will be OK; take the wrong one …. naw, too ghastly to contemplate.

      Thanks for your friendship of how many years in Blogging; my evening years are now upon me but the longing for what you once stood for is still my hope for you.

  2. christophertrier Says:

    I cast my vote, as small as it is, for Romney today.

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