In the dark recesses of the convoluted African mind of the Bama

This is not a parody; it is a study based on long research for a book on Colonialism but only a tiny extract from it.  I must keep this short but if all goes well you will recognize it one day in the future.

 Africa is a strange continent; it is not a romantic place as depicted in the movie Out of Africa; it is not one Nation and merely happens to be a Continent though that is merely an English word for a large land mass.  There is also no such being as can be called an African; using the word would normally indicate or imply some cohesiveness or a frame of mind but it does not exist in Continental Africa.

 Let us leave that for History a few handed years down the road; there is the small matter of Election 2012 requiring attention today.

 It will be the first time in American History and for that matter the first time ever that a man has been President of any country in the World and yet without getting to know the real person or the mind[s] that put him there.

 The rhetoric and the romance with Africa that put the Post Turtle on the Post in 2008 have all gone this time.  Why is nobody asking for a repeat?  One answer to that question might well be that the Post Turtle handlers knew that it can only be done once.

 Take this any way you want to; but do take note.

 The Bama had nothing to do with his Election four years ago; he was in a haze, doped out of his mind; acting as programmed by his handlers.  Nobody will ever know for sure who done it or how; where he was born is of no consequence any longer [probably never was] and once the smoke clears the man, the Bama, will slip into a footnote at the bottom of history.

 They had programmed him and his mind to fight against “four more years of the same” against Bush when he didn’t know or even understood that he was running against somebody with a different name than Bush; they did however, prove that it was a winner slogan, though a once in a life-time one; this time round he doesn’t seem to understand who is actually running against him and his programmers have lost their way.  Obama has become irrelevant.

 It will be nice to see America actually electing an American for President in 2012.  Heck, it’s only sixteen days left according to my computer chip calendar.

 Dedicated to my friend and 2008 Blogging tutor buddy Elcampeador at:

 One can take the African out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the African. Ain’t that correct Shecky Mugabe?

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