Dancing on Eggs from Bergrivier Municipality to Stellenbosch and back


I have to start this Post with a short explanation to my Readers outside South Africa to explain why you get this mumble jumble on my Blog.

 You know that the Time Rag does have some readers that are actually still Time supporters.  If you place a comment in a Time/Warner/Swampland Post and include your Blogsite Link these guys all jump and shout “Blog Whore” at you.  Well, they will probably scream “Municipal Prostitution” if they understand the circumstances under which I am placing this on record.

 This Article was written for publication elsewhere and I am placing it here to archive it for posterity.  The date on the Post will be significant in years to come as Africanization of the old Colonial Empires unfolds.

 By Ike Jakson

 You have my permission to ignore it if you don’t understand what in hell I am saying.  One day I shall explain it to you; suffices FOR NOW to call it an example of Municipal Prostitution in South Africa.  This is what I wrote:

 [Commence Quote]: “Voter discontent with Governments is a phenomenon of our times, and often for good reasons.  Politicians have become the new rich of the World whilst pretending to care for the poor.  The result is that political struggles have moved away from race to class [caste] divisions.

 In South Africa we have two peculiar disparities.  The voter should by now understand that large numbers very rich Black Politicians have replaced a few White ones but the irony continues with the ANC easily maintaining their two thirds majority.

 The poor Democratic Alliance is battling to hang onto control of the Western Cape by carrying the “Mister Clean Hands banner.

 A shocking scandal in the Bergrivier [Bergmun] and Stellenbosch Municipalities may soon see them loosing that battle.

 Bergrivier Municipality has always been controlled by Old National Party Bigwig business man Lieb Liebenberg and when he brought daughter-in-law Christa in as Municipal Manager in during 2008 his position seemed almost secure, aided by an incompetent but smooth-talking Riaan de Vries, the DA nominated member [thus not having to pass the test of an election] on the Council Executive Committee as personal protector and damage control man for Daddy Lieb.

 Voter discontent soon peaked under Dil [daughter-in-law] Christa but she conveyed her desire to the Council early 2012 that she wished to stay with Bergmun and have her 5 year contract renewed on expiry in April or May next year but when it became apparent to her that she would have to fight for it she promptly resigned in October and left Bergmun with a trail of debt and a burden of increased rates and taxes.  But we all thought that was classic Christa and rejoiced when she left.  The news that she started working as Municipal Manager in Stellenbosch early November made us wonder about their fate but we were glad to be rid of Christa’s sole allegiances to Christa.

 What a rotten mistake that was?

 Her resignation was evidently a ploy.  While we were baffled by the speed at which the Bergmun Council moved to advertise the vacancy [why not save some money leaving it empty for a while, we said], Dil Christa made her move with loyal Riaan to do the dirty work.

 Within her first week at Stellenbosch she re-applied for her old Bergmun position at a higher salary and a further 5 year contract.  De Vries is coming out for her corner in order to stop the appointment of an Eastern Cape lady who is openly ANC, while Christa is threatening to sue Bergmun if they don’t give her higher points [points is some weird system Municipalities use in this sort of thing] than the ANC applicant.

 Christa made one silly mistake; when she came for her Bergmun old job interview she did not inform Stellenbosch and the grapevine has it that somebody will whisper this within hearing distance of the ears of a sympathetic ANC Stellenbosch person this week.

 Moral of the story: when you go to egg-dancing shows sit in the back row unless you like having egg on the face.  Tut tut, as the Brits say, poor DA, but in my view they also chose the wrong ones to do the dancing and will get what they deserve.

 For once the ANC can point fingers and laugh at the other side.” [End Quote]


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2 Responses to “Dancing on Eggs from Bergrivier Municipality to Stellenbosch and back”

  1. christophertrier Says:

    I find this a pity. I had some hope that the DA could at least scare some sense into the ANC. It seems as if they’re bent on self-destruction, having neither the clout nor discipline of the ANC political machine. It seems as if Suid Afrika is turning into a post-1910 Mexico, an effective one-party state with show-elections and most, if not all, institutions co-opted by said party.

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      Our Democratic Alliance {DA] started out as a good and noble intention to oppose the ANC and to expose ANC Corruption.

      However, it pretty soon developed into the same mess. Their appointed officials are as corrupt as the ANC ones. Some voters out here are saying we should close the DA and all move over to the CAN; the feeling having developed that with the ANC we at least know that they will steal and promote their self-interests. The DA has the same kind of members but they are clad in noble white with such clean little hand shown to the public.

      I am rapidly losing interest in all politics.

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