An Open Letter to Telkom SA Chairman Jabulane Mabuza

Honorable Chairman, Sir

 I read your Press Release of Dec 02, 2012 and your vow to get Telkom right.

 I also read the idealistic Press Release by Non executive Chairman Polelo Lazarus Zim, in which he expands on:

 The overall Health of the Organisation

“The broader global economic outlook is stormy to say the least and consumers continue to feel financial pressure. The macro-economic environment is tough and the overall health of Telkom must remain our primary focus going forward. Management has put strategies in place to retire legacy technologies and offer new products – such as mobile and converged data offerings – on a transformed Next Generation Network to ensure that Telkom is in the best position possible to meet the future needs of our customers.”

 Then I came across this:

 The distinguished columnist Ian Mann on a survival kit for the darker side of office life

 Office Politics: How to thrive in a world of lying, backstabbing and dirty tricks by Oliver James.

 At a recent meeting at Gateways, attended by some of the most thoughtful executives I know, the topic of office politics came up.

 There was consensus that companies that are largely free of office politics are the rare exception, despite the toll paid by the company and staff members.

 Author James Oliver starts his assessment of office politics with the assertion that it is “absolutely unavoidable that people will find themselves in competition with one another”.

 We will inevitably compete for limited resources-a limited bonus pool, the most interesting jobs, status, and much more. It is also to be expected that people will use whatever means they can to advance their interests.

 When I read Ian Mann the penny dropped on my side.  I had become embroiled in what I initially thought was a trivial error on my telephone account but was to my shock and amazement blossoming into a full-scale confrontation with black-mail, extortion, threats and blatant gross neglect that compelled me to start back-up copies of all my email.

 When that penny dropped at 10210 ……with respect Honorable Chairman, you have a few good people at Telkom.  I shall give you their names on condition that you personally guarantee that they will not be harmed or bludgeoned into submission by the rest, the latter being the vast majority of Telkom Staff as aptly described by Ian Mann; only point I differ from him is that he put it mildly.  Telkom 10210 is a large Cesspool.  You should close it down.

 Ironically Good Sir, I tried to get to your Senior Management.  When that penny dropped at 10210 they attacked my computer and actually managed to destroy my external wireless modem.  I had it repaired and buttressed the computer and a spare back-up that I got at the same time with high-tech anti-virus protection.  You won’t believe it; they are now trying to gain access to my computer; often ten times in a row fifty times a day minimum.

 Most Ironic of all, I offered your management to help because I have the qualifications, knowledge and more than 30 years of experience to locate and pinpoint the Telkom problem where you will have to start a massive clean-up operation, or go under with them.  The offer is unconditional and will remain open to you should you wish to get in touch with me.  I got nowhere at your “esccentre email address”, Escalation Centre or Escalation Centre Tracking.  It seems too much like extensions of the infamous Call Centre at 10210.

 May I end this with a reasonable request that you call off your 10210 hounds; they act in serious contravention of International Internet Protocol Regulations and it can have regrettable repercussions for Telkom if you allow them to continue with their despicable little games?

 Over to you, Good Sir, Chairman.


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