Ikepedia on Days and Dates

This is actually my fourth Post on Ikepedia.  It has been in my mind for a long time that I want to build on the theme and when another Blogger Friend commented favorably on the third one just the other day I made my decision.

 My readers will thus see more in future; it is indeed a vast area for research and future Posts will include reference[s] to Calendars.  This time it is on a rather short matter coming up this weekend that I want to deal with on its own as a special topic at this time.  With your kind permission I will omit reference to other Calendars and use Gregorian calendar Dates for the peculiar situation applicable this weekend.

 A short reference should suffice on what is sometimes referred to as “The curious History of the Gregorian Calendar way back in 1751 and 1752.  In case some young one should be tempted to shout “but that is just the other day; a mere 250 years ago” and the World as old as maybe millions or trillions of years.

 To such a person I shall reply that the World may be or it may not be as old as some say but that is a topic for another day and I will point out that compared to the World as we know it today there was virtually nothing in it a mere 500 years ago.

 Let us dwell on the approaching weekend as per the Gregorian calendar; it is I am sure only applicable to the one of the Pope.

 In the year of 2013 February 01 was on a Friday to give us a long weekend from Friday through Sunday 3rd at the end of day; following from that March 01, 02 and 03 will also start on Friday through Sunday.  That in itself happens in cycles of 6 or eleven years; it is rare but not unusual.

 However, in the year of 2013 the last three days of March, from 29 to 31 will also fall on the same days, once again not all that unusual but when you look a little further you will find that Easter Sunday is on March 31 this year.  Overall this is quite a rare combination.

 Bear in mind that Pope Gregory’s advisers and scientists including the mathematics were of a time when nobody had computers; in fact, I don’t know that the mathematicians had got to discover the Slide Rule by that time.  I may stand corrected on this last point.  Either way and whatever other viewpoints there may be this happened and has worked well for us since long before steam, electricity and oil; the earth still believed to be flat by most had no need for planes or motorized transport for decades [centuries?] after Pope Gregory.

 Easter Sunday of course, depends on the moon but this year [being in March] it is almost as early as it could ever be; and on any other day will not be in the combination of the First three days of February on the same days and dates as the first three of March, nor will you have the last three days of March including Easter Sunday falling on the same days.

 There are mathematical formulae for all these things but I doubt that you will see more than one in a normal lifetime.

 Take care, enjoy March, and be alive for an early spring in the Northern Hemisphere Monday April 1st.  We will probably hope for an early winter because we have had, though short, a nasty hot summer down where I live.

 Any input of comment will be most welcome.

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2 Responses to “Ikepedia on Days and Dates”

  1. JP Says:

    Bravo! Go For It, Ike!

    Pheww, you mentioned Pope Gregory. For a moment, I thought you were leaning toward this guy:


    Who by the way, is in the U.S. at the moment. Frolicking around in California he is.


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Wow, Thanks JP

      I am leaning towards myself in the evening of my life but I will look up on the links in your comment.

      You may just be the catalyst I needed to get out of my own dark hole; keep on the lookout for more Ikepedia.


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