Telkom SA and China

China performed their first nuclear test in October 1964; the announcement came after the event in typical fashion of their Nation; then they withdrew from the World political scene.  Tiananmen Square 1989 reverberated around the world but China did not take part in the shouting.

 The silent giant developed a good relationship with America through Former President Bush during his two terms in Office.  Nobody shouted much when Taiwan was brought back into the fold during that time.

 They embraced capitalism without shouting about it; formed strong pacts with Russia and Australia and when the previous century ended China was ready to enter the World Economic Stage in a big way; they had in the meantime slipped into many an African Country; only on request, but always on their [China’s] conditions.

 Enters Telkom, oh goody, goody….

 A south African Court has no jurisdiction in China; for Telkom to rejoice is a little premature.  You can’t fool China and get away with it.  Telkom’s current splurge on the laughable “convergence” idea started prematurely, even before the Court decision.  The Advertising Executives and the Media [it is good to see Fin24 getting a fair share] are laughing all the way to the banks.

 Make no mistake; it is raising eyebrows in China.  Telkom is terminally ill on the inside and it is only a matter of time before China will do what they have to do.

 The ironic part of the Telkom story is that it is still a good fixed line telephone Company; that’s how they started and where they should stay or bow out of the industry altogether.

 Unless of course, the 32 member Government appointed Board of Directors share a death wish…..?  That will be sad for the hard-working loyal “field men” erecting old-time telephone phone poles year round, wiring the cables and  attending to maintenance of the system in the sweat of the brow.  If Fin24 should so wish I shall take some photos of what they installed on the fence with me and my neighbour just recently.  It was my pleasure to pour them some coffee.

 One guy was a giant of a man with a firm clear but soft voice and a permanent full face caring smile.  I asked him for his name.

 “They call me Kleintjie Sir,” he said with a wry good natured grunt before he thanked me for the coffee and walked off to the duties awaiting him.

Jabulane, there is no way you can “converge” this kind of man with the woolly Internet dreams that you are wasting your time and our money on.   Rather diverge yourself from the mess before you get involved in the inevitable demise of a once great business that somehow lost its way.

 Don’t mess with China; you will regret it rather sooner than later if you ignore this good advice.  Do read:


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