Ikepedia on The languages that we Speak part 2

I told you in OldSpeak, NewSpeak,…etc. Part 1 that it would be part of a lengthy series.

 To even start to find an acceptable or a sufficiently comprehensive definition of speaking one has to go into the source[s] and origin[s] of speech.

 The shortest route may serve us well in this case because I want to get back to Orwell 1984 and his NewSpeak as soon as possible.

 The first consideration is the natural one; that the ability to speak and the source of the languages that we speak are in the environment where a little baby [or a little animal] first opens his/her eyes to life and becomes aware of sound, only provided that the hearing is normal.

 Animal lovers, students of animal life and habits [well supported by science] will tell us that animal speech develops much faster than human speech does because in many instances their lifespan is very short and they have to learn fast in order to survive.  Let us step off animal speech but believe me, it is a wide field; humans should at the very least be aware of the fact that it does indeed exist.

 Let us now go back to human speech and stay with it for the purposes of this series.

 You can Google or spend as much time as you have or wish to devote in Wikipedia to trace the existence and origins of the thousands of languages and dialects spoken in the World today.  For Ikepedia suffices to state that starting out with the smallest environment of a normal home the young new arrival will in the course of time be Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese …….in normal homogenous nations.  In America alone, once having lost the status of homogenous speech, anything becomes possible.  Unfortunately America is not the first or only one in this awkward situation but that is a distinctly separate topic for another day.

 It therefore, follows naturally that there must have been sufficient distance between groups or societies to develop separate languages.  Surely no one can argue that.

 One important point comes up immediately; human beings think in the language that they speak.  Language thus becomes the symbol of all thought and activity within the boundaries of that group, and achievement, development and the inner fiber of that society is founded in the language that they speak.

 Don’t mess with your language.  Next time when we continue it will be back to Orwell.

 [to be continued in Part 3]


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