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The Price of Freedom

April 29, 2013

The old cliché that” there is no free lunch” remains a wisdom known to few.

 Nothing in the World is free; it only depends on the price tag, and it is so with Freedom too.

 Unfortunately Africa has not yet woken up to the fact that we all pay for Freedom with our individual Liberty, the most precious possession there exists.

 Liberty does imply Freedom; yes, I don’t deny that but the day that Liberty becomes the currency that we use to pay for Freedom that Freedom isn’t worth a bean.  Liberty more than anything implies unrestricted Freedom of the mind; when Freedom costs you the ability to let your mind soar free you are in bondage worse than slavery.  There is no escape route from the bondage of voluntary submission to this weird Freedom of modern times.

 Despair awaits those born under this illusion of Freedom and though some sort of realization is dawning in the minds of the over forties of today the generation born since 1990 don’t seem to realize that the mortgage on the property has to be paid for; it may be too late for them to ever be free I guess.

 Liberty of the mind is too precious to risk for anything.  I am a Free Man only because I have never mortgaged my Mind and I never shall.

Ikepedia on Flat Earth Day Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, 2013

Flat Earth Day is celebrated when certain elements of nature combine to provide the conditions for a special event in the southern hemisphere on April 21st; it doesn’t occur every year but when it does, it’s always on the same date.  This year 2013 of Our Lord is one of them.

Readers will note that the date is exactly one month after the Southern Equinox on March 21st.

It is much like Ground Hog Day that is celebrated in Punxsutawney PA US of A.

It goes back to the days when man and beast lived close to nature in harmony with each other and God of All Life; when children respected their parents; when the father was a man and your momma a lady.  The Earth was flat; the sun moved and actually rose in the morning to set at night.  Events of Mankind were orderly and sublime.  Man believed that God made the Earth and everything in or on it.

In fact, I still believe that the processes of Nature are ongoing.  Oil, gas, weather, nature and Mankind’s existence are renewed every single day.  It is the way it was made to be.

Usually Flat Earth Day happens when Easter Weekend, like the year of 2013, comes around before the end of March.  In other years April may still produce scorchers with daytime temperatures as high as 110 degrees in the shade and nights between late 80’s lower 90’s.

This year the heat broke middle March; suddenly we had dew one fine morning; we knew summer had ended early and the sun was almost literally running North by the day to where the Northern Hemisphere awaits an early blistering fireball from the skies.

Our nights have turned cool to mildly fresh; this morning is divine; our days will be low to middle 70’s for a few weeks before winter settles and we will hear the singing of children and angels when we make time to listen for it.

The earth is a good place when we allow it to be flat once in a while and we take the time to reflect on the beneficence of our Creator.

I bow to Him this fine morning.

Dedicated to my friend, Jamie at:

Ponzi Schemes continued with Part Two, on FSB approved Operators in South Africa

April 6, 2013

This Article in Fin24 shocked and saddened me because I never expected the name of the Old Mutual connected to Ponzi operations.

 That is where I was first and well trained as a youngster straight from school in 1956, where I found my niche in statistics and acquired the knowledge that would stand me in good stead through a career of more than forty years in marketing Statistics; the name of the old Mutual somehow represent the High road in morality to me, so unlike many of the others, certainly those that took the road of corruption at the first opportunity.  I hope the Old Spirit of the Old Mutual and the shareholders will step in to fire the wayward culprit and get him out of there fast.  What we have here is blatant theft of money that should go to the policyholders and Pension Funds doing business with Old Mutual.

 Let some of the others take note!

 The FSB is a useless organization founded from the Old Government’s Registrar of Pension Funds and Financial Institutions.  It is not the watchdog for protection of the public investor as is claimed to be the case.  It so-called “privatized’ the joint to become the source of all that has gone awry in South African Finance.  They protect the thieves; they encourage evil by rewarding them and have no role to play in the protection of the private investor, the so-called man in the street.

 Readers must read up and get to the bottom of the Saambou, TMA, Fedsure and the Alexander Forbes Pension Fund millions.  It all happened in the closing years of my time in the Industry but I saw it happening right under the noses of the FSB as I have indicated, fully expecting them to do nothing about it.  For those of my Readers that do not believe what you read here, I suggest that you get an investigative journalist to delve for the stolen millions from the Pensioners Medical Aid Fund of a large Cape based Life Assurance Company; it should be all open knowledge but the thieving company, the FSB, and the Court agreed to keep it under wraps, so-called to avoid a public scandal that may be to the further detriment of the pensioners involved; but good to be able to report that about two years ago the Cape Supreme Court found the Ponzi Company guilty and ordered them to sit down with the complainant[s] acting for the Medical Aid to calculate the “Quantum” to submit to the Court for a final Order.

 Please note that I am not  stepping in to save the Defencex Boss if he is guilty of an offense but I find it rather ironically amusing to see how fast The FSB, the Ponzi Banks and all the Big Thieves jumped on a little guy to expose the alleged offenses,  close his bank accounts and force him into court while the Saambou Directors and Senior Management  are still walking around free after thirteen years.  Do any of you know how much money of pensioners was lost in that debacle?

 I am really sad about the Old Mutual; they should set an example and get that CEO to resign with immediate effect.  South Africa is rapidly on course for a showdown between the “NuRich 825 salaried billionaires and the guys serving the tea” and this sort of thing will in due course force the day of reckoning to happen rather much sooner than later.

 We will rue the day if we allow more of the same.

 It is a blot on our Entire Society to allow such obscene behavior in the first place; to cover it up is a disgrace.

 To be continued….


Space colonies, Obama’s concern for Mandela, Mandela’s concerns about Mandela versus Reality

April 2, 2013

Taking things too seriously has been my Achilles heel for life and I almost repeated the same old mistake when I came across this:

 It frustrated me so much I almost decided to get serious but I remembered this Blog about a fellow writing on Colonizing Space.  I don’t know whether the guy is serious or whether he is just a prank; he writes some good stuff; some of his ideas sound weird but some make a lot of sense {I can’t make up my mind] and I suddenly remembered his recent Post on Marital Reform legislation for his Space Colonies.

 “That’s the answer, jou pampoen,” a voice said to me, as if someone was standing right next to me.

 “Jou Pampoen” is Dutch for “You Pumpkin” and the affectionate way in Dutch for saying to a friend: “Here, fetch another six-pack while you are up take and let us laugh a little, oh yeah, and don’t take that stuff so seriously, jou Pampoen.”  That’s like between friends who take their friendship seriously.

 If this guy, I reckoned it out, can get his space colony going I shall ask him to put Mandela and Obama on the inauguration flight, one way ticket.

 America can collect enough money from the 57 States voters to erect a statue for Obama and put it next to the monstrosity of Mandela’s on Trafalgar Square in that little island country from where your great great … great forbearers departed to colonize America way back when.

 Let the pigeons show their concern for Obama as they are showing concerning Mandela.  Come on, the two will really make a lovely couple for all future generations of pigeons.

 This is not a political Post; my vows to avoid politics remain firmly in place.  Politics are for the birds and we should show tangible concern for pigeons.

 To show our concern for the human race we should dispatch half of all politicians, bankers, lawyers and other parasite species to the space colonies as soon as this fellow can get it going to see them colonies off to a good start.

 And Yeah, censorbugbear, my fellow countryman at WordPress, come in and tell me how to get a comment into your Posts; maybe it is my system but your subscription system keep on blocking me.  Please help me to get in:

 I am also after the scoundrels at Telkom SA; let us join forces.