Space colonies, Obama’s concern for Mandela, Mandela’s concerns about Mandela versus Reality

Taking things too seriously has been my Achilles heel for life and I almost repeated the same old mistake when I came across this:

 It frustrated me so much I almost decided to get serious but I remembered this Blog about a fellow writing on Colonizing Space.  I don’t know whether the guy is serious or whether he is just a prank; he writes some good stuff; some of his ideas sound weird but some make a lot of sense {I can’t make up my mind] and I suddenly remembered his recent Post on Marital Reform legislation for his Space Colonies.

 “That’s the answer, jou pampoen,” a voice said to me, as if someone was standing right next to me.

 “Jou Pampoen” is Dutch for “You Pumpkin” and the affectionate way in Dutch for saying to a friend: “Here, fetch another six-pack while you are up take and let us laugh a little, oh yeah, and don’t take that stuff so seriously, jou Pampoen.”  That’s like between friends who take their friendship seriously.

 If this guy, I reckoned it out, can get his space colony going I shall ask him to put Mandela and Obama on the inauguration flight, one way ticket.

 America can collect enough money from the 57 States voters to erect a statue for Obama and put it next to the monstrosity of Mandela’s on Trafalgar Square in that little island country from where your great great … great forbearers departed to colonize America way back when.

 Let the pigeons show their concern for Obama as they are showing concerning Mandela.  Come on, the two will really make a lovely couple for all future generations of pigeons.

 This is not a political Post; my vows to avoid politics remain firmly in place.  Politics are for the birds and we should show tangible concern for pigeons.

 To show our concern for the human race we should dispatch half of all politicians, bankers, lawyers and other parasite species to the space colonies as soon as this fellow can get it going to see them colonies off to a good start.

 And Yeah, censorbugbear, my fellow countryman at WordPress, come in and tell me how to get a comment into your Posts; maybe it is my system but your subscription system keep on blocking me.  Please help me to get in:

 I am also after the scoundrels at Telkom SA; let us join forces.

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2 Responses to “Space colonies, Obama’s concern for Mandela, Mandela’s concerns about Mandela versus Reality”

  1. Jamie MacNab Says:

    Can this story be a red herring, Ike? Is it really you who is setting up the space colony? When you have thought up a proper name for it, I’ll reserve a holiday home there.

    All the best,


    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Welcome back Stranger Jamie.

      The guilty one is indeed yours truly, I 4 Ike, but it is in jest. I am amused about the infatuation with Space.

      The fellow I mention seems to think it is real [I can’t quite make him out] but I thought if he could pull it off … you know? As for me, I am staying put right here and hope to have your company for many years to come.

      Thanks for dropping by.

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