Green Hills of Africa

No, this is not Hemingway 1939; it’s Africa 2013.

 And it will be short.  The statistics are my own but accurate enough for the purpose.  It’s for American readers; they will find it close enough to their own statistics.

 This presentation won’t include any Internet links or other references; not because they are not available.  They are known though but the green people of Africa don’t want them published.

 In 1973 the top rate of Income tax was 72% of earnings above R 28 000 per annum.  In what was at that stage common knowledge, and regularly published only but  exactly, 78 taxpayers were in the tax category above the astronomical income of R 250 000 per annum.  At that stage South Africa was on a fixed exchange rate of 1.32 USA dollars for one Rand SA currency.  The fact that has since changed to hover around 8 SA Rands for 1 USA dollar is not relevant to the discussion.

 The fortunate 78 were all entrepreneurs.  A top salary for a senior position in Finance, Banking and other large corporations was just touching on R 12 000 per annum; salaried workers that we can call 825 workers working from 8 am to 5 pm] weren’t near that; a high middle management salary was maybe R 7 000 per annum; the first step on the corporate ladder paid about R 4 000 and that was good income when a medium sized car would set you back under R 2 000 and a good house in an average medium to middle class market suburb came at R 10 000.  The Town Clerk was running Municipal Government; a good one in a large town took home maybe R 6 000 per annum.  Town Mayors were honorary positions drawing small stipends and had to obtain City Council permission to entertain a good supplier.

 Things changed after Nixon took America off the Gold Standard in 1973; inflation hit the country when international economic embargos started to have effect.  But no 825 salaried worker earned anything near R 24 000 when South Africa went off the fixed exchange rate with America in June of 1981.

 The floating rand/dollar and other exchange rates took a heavy toll.  Bank interest rates shot up to over 20% in the early 1980’s but it must be noted that American interest rates also peaked above 10% during the same time.  By the time 1989 was drawing to a close senior executive salaries had just passed the R 120 000 per annum high mark.

 The same 78 entrepreneurs were still paying top tax though at smaller marginal rates than in 1973

 Early 1990 something happened.  Executive 825 salaries overtook the entrepreneur, passed him, and then increased the numbers.  Government salaries doubled, trebled and kept on going.  Municipal Government salaries to Mayors and Municipal managers started at R 50 000 per month and soon reached one million per annum, and continued to rise.

 At the end of 1990 it was reported that 1 000 salaried workers were drawing more than 2 million a year; at the end of 1999 the News Media had fallen behind in reporting but an estimated 5 000 ordinary 825 employees had by then crowded the 78 entrepreneurs of 1973 out of the space on the green millionaires list.

 By 2003 the first 5 000 had gone to even greener pastures at 10, then rapidly 20 million smackers per annum; from further down the green list the next group estimated at maybe 10 000 previously poor and disadvantaged new rich had taken up the lowly 2 to 6 million per annum group of a lighter green left behind by the exalted bright green pioneers.  Right below them a new group emerged; once again it is an estimate; at anywhere around 40 000 of them biding their time in the ½ to 1 and one ½ million a year; pale green would seem to describe such a lowly color.

 As 2013 dawned Internet spooks got wise on the greens and we now have teams of them targeting the green colonies with cellular phone sim card withdrawals on fat bank accounts; it is becoming a test of clashing wills and our Government has just acted by ramming a Government Secrecy Bill through Parliament to prevent any publication of green salaries; all names or details are now State Secrets in order to stop the Sim Card Fraud epidemic.

 If you add all the figures up you will find that the greens [pale to light to bright green] add up to 10% of 1% [in other words, 0.01%] of the total population of the country; there is thus plenty space left before we overdo it at a round 1% of the other hues of color in the Rainbow.

 You guys don’t believe me?

 Well, I don’t blame you but I said that I won’t bore you with links and such trivial things.  You have the wonder of Internet, don’t you?  Just Google any combination of ‘Elmarie Weideman, Media24, Fin24 ABSA Bank, Sim Card Fraud in South Africa, Ex-Absa employee complaint that the bank doesn’t react’,   You want to LYOAO, just Google ‘ABSA Bank mitigates for Elmarie Weideman Sim Card Fraud Fin24 report’ and you will crawl on all fours laughing.  Have a Jack Daniel when you can’t breath from laughing [the Black Jack one please note; the green one is much too young, only for Kentucky folks, you know].

 Ike Jakson, Tennessee Squire, class of June 1986.

13 Responses to “Green Hills of Africa”

  1. JP Says:

    Well. a Tennessee Squire no less. I’d doff my hat, but it’s already on the ground waiting for my head to hit it after a

    • Ike Jakson Says:


      HahaHeeHaaaw. Another one will get you off the ground; make it good double, no ice or water. You don’t want rust poisoning, do you?

      • JP Says:

        LMFAO! Why Hell No! You are a treasure, Sir Ike..

      • Ike Jakson Says:

        The feeling is a mutual One, JP. You hafta do it in Style.

      • JP Says:

        Me? Ha!

        Just a street kid that used SOME of his Big Boy upstairs gave him. Were my dearly departed parents still among the living, the stories they could tell. Boy could they ever..


      • Ike Jakson Says:

        Modesty is a good trait, JP. Brashness is not, but we do have a lot of the latter down here. As for me, I just love raising hell at s..t talking. Of that we have all you can stomach.

  2. JP Says:

    Oh Damn! Forgot. Georgie Boy Soros isn’t hanging around you currency is he? He just loves suckimng the blood of people, as in the Bank of England AND of course here.

    Hitler and his boys had young Georgie within their grasp, BUT..

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