Golden Secrets in the Green Hills of Africa

Not fresh off the Press; yes, recent from that too, but in this case fresh off the pen of the ambulating giant in Wit, Observation, knowledge and a razor sharp Mind, my friend and buddy the Nimrod of NOLA now in Upper State New York.

 The Internet ink was still drying on:

 Hardly, I should say on the drying; fresh of this Great Mind of the Nimrod comes:

 As recent as 1997 America had only one operating gold mine; overt one I should add, in Deadwood South Dakota.  I visited there and tarried a while to lose my money to Kevin Costner’s Casino.  Australia was then digging all over for the yellow stuff; rumors had it that the Russians had found some up their way, but South Africa still produced the largest slice of pure Gold in  ll the World.

 How have things changed in such a short time?

 Today South Africa has taken over as the biggest consumer per capita in the entire World but ranking forth in Gold Production.

 It is rumored that Russia has more reserves of the useless stuff than the others combined but they are not even bothering to take it out of the ground at this stage.  Heck, they have more oil and natural gas deposits than they can ever consume but they are just leaving it in the ground for a while.

 The questions for the ensuing weeks in South Africa will be:

 Who bought and who sold this ‘hem stack of gold in the Article?  Who paid for the bounty?  Which is the hand with the fresh grease on?

 The Green Hills of Africa are patiently waiting for answers.

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