Dark is the Night

There is no moon out tonight; where we are that is not unusual because we are almost center between the previous full moon and the one coming up in about two weeks from now.  It’s chilly as I sit out here at just after midnight; winter is setting in right on time this year.

 Of course we have dark moonless nights in summer too thanks to a Government Monopoly owned and managed Electricity Supply Commission that makes them do as they like but it provides me the opportunity to go outside on a summer night when the electricity is down; it is beautiful to walk out on the lawn in nature’s clothes and look up at our unpolluted skies; it is divine.  Because it is my own lawn I can do on it what I like.  I do that often and not a soul will know that I am out there on the lawn in the rear of my little habitat.

 But that is not the kind of dark that I have in mind for this Post.

 Having grown up with a good brain that was further enhanced by technical and academic studies took me into a career of forty years in statistics, marketing and technical, and I reckon that I know something about finance.  Money has never been of any greater importance to me than what I need to survive.  I travelled extensively before I retired and now live modestly with just enough to survive.  That I do with my own wits, knowledge and expertise on the Stock Exchange.

 I don’t use investment banks or advisers; they are parasites and idiots.  And they lie to you; that I won’t do to myself and I don’t like them doing it to me.  Suffices, the “experts are lying cheats” using your money to enrich themselves; they won’t have my money as well.

 But doing what I do I have to look at what they do and tell We the Peepolls [read that as Sheepolls Voters} and with World Markets in turmoil, clearly so in the immediate past few months, I just don’t see the economic recovery that politicians are trying to convince the Voter is actually happening.

 Yes, I do clearly observe flood waves of spending; in our Country the Sheepolls elected Government simply cannot understand the difference between consumerism and natural supply and demand.  Hence we are trying to consume and spend ourselves out of a recession.

 It ain’t gonna work, guys!

 Gold has been shaky and wobbling; it took a nosedive yesterday.

 Dark is the night.

4 Responses to “Dark is the Night”

  1. sstorm0730 Says:

    Well, now I know who to consult if I have trouble with Statistics in the coming semesters 🙂 I understand Gallup and Rasmussen, but real life stats can be a bit daunting…

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Dear, dear, dearest Katrina

      Yes Stats was my career; they are pictures to me.

      But this is about you. I now assume that you are OK but we all worried sick. Are you really, really OK?

      I am a little pressed this morning and hence much too short, but you gotta tell us.

      Go with God, Kristina.

  2. sstorm0730 Says:

    Yes, I am really, really okay! Obviously, MS does not get better and there is no cure, but I am stubborn… Still walking on my own (sometimes with a cane, sometimes with a walker and sometimes on my own) and I can cook, type and do my class work. So, all-in-all I am doing better than some, the same as most and worse than a few 🙂 Thank you for caring, Katrina

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      That’s wonderful, Kristina, and very gutsy. I shall always remember you as the first new face in my Post ‘Life is a Journey’ and your very kind remarks. My prayers will be with you. Are you still in Colorado; those pictures of the vehicles caught in the snow were memorable.

      I am still subscribed to your Blog and look forwards to see a new Post in there.

      Do take care; you are precious top some of us. I am just an old guy now and getting older. Both my brothers passed on during the past four years and I still miss them.


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