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Man of the Day

June 28, 2013

Zuma Profile 20130619

It is now 4:30:35 AM Friday, June 28, 2013, more than three hours to go before a winter dawn.

This is the profile of a man that will be involved in the early hours of the day:

They will meet to discuss things.

And then there is the other guy. We don’t know about that but the day will probably tell us something.

A Bitter Cold Day to Wait

June 27, 2013

It’s a cold day to wait inside; to do so outside would be silly. A weak sun is fighting to maintain its presence in the pale skies and on the ground an icy north-westerly wind makes you shiver and run for cover.

It would be nice to be in bed and I have done that but I need to test the computer for tomorrow while keeping the radio on for news.

Even the Stock Exchange is dull today; it is waiting with the rest of the land.

Maybe tomorrow will tell the story. Let us wait.

Spot on in the Right Place at the Right Time

June 26, 2013

Don’t take my word for it; just wait and you will see; he will be there and will tell you that for as long as he lives and can breathe; he will be able to record History; indeed he will be Part of it; the Making of History.

Not just recording and making it; no indeed He will be the Maker; the Instrument as was always his Manifest Destiny.

He will be safe [for once I sure hope so for our sake and for the World, that nothing will go wrong] on this day when it happens, any day soon now. He will tell you; of that I am positively sure.

Then he will take his leave and GO; sure we hope for ever too, when we fast forward to the Past. He will have his own Historic Version of that too but we expect it will take at least another hundred years to witness the full impact of the events of the next few days.

Most times it’s best not to re-write History; rather just wait for it and see how it unfolds.

Illusions 2013

June 25, 2013

We could ask America to arrange a swap, but we don’t really want the Bama.

To my friends in America of the 50 States; please take Jake as well. The two of them will make a lovely pair. Come on now; do us a favor.

When Barry meets his Uncle Jake the Snake

June 24, 2013

Young Barrie will soon arrive in South Africa; thus many question marks are circulating on when we will have a successor for the Great Nelson, now seemingly on his last legs. Will he, Barry the Great, anoint a successor for the ailing incumbent? After all, Barry being a Son of Africa; who will he select?

Questions, questions, and more questions.

Will it be Zuma?

Or will it be Julius Malema?

Or will a fairy revive the charisma of the man that once charmed a World that wanted to be charmed; that was indeed sufficiently charmed to erect a giant statue for him during his lifetime and display it in Trafalgar Square with the other Greats of England.

Barry should do some homework before he meets old Jake the Snake of the forty wives. Maybe he can even learn something from his visit. There always being a small hope for miracles however dark the hour is, and well, Barry having once said that he does remember and understands the issues about the land of his Fathers may be the man for the time.

Realists in Africa will in the meantime bet their money on the fairy.

Roll along, young Man. It may just be your finest hour.

Indivisible POWER

June 22, 2013

The fools of this World talking nonsense about climate change and renewable energy just to con taxpayers out of more money should take note.

Voters should demand that a political candidate should first write and pass a full degree examination on matters like this before they can qualify to run for any elected Office.

This is POWER

Perhaps you may read this too:

I shall say no more.

Mandela gets a free gift of a new Private Airline

June 20, 2013

South African Airlines [SAA] once renowned as one of the best airlines in the World though recently downgraded to the best in Africa and currently in a deep financial crisis is getting a new owner.

This is the SA Government explanation for giving it to Mandela for his own private use. Well, maybe flamboyant President Jacob Zuma will sometimes use it for his forty wives, or maybe Trevor Manual and new wifey Maria Ramos when they go gallivanting; please note the “maybe” as I have a feeling little Maria would prefer a safer mode of transport.

Most safety concerned South Africans will hence on simply go Air Zimbabwe or even Air Nigeria. Here is the reason.

For once South Africans will be united. Let the old goat have it and the millions that his children and grandchildren have already started arguing about who should get most of it. Give them a free airline too. Why not?

More Great Success for the SA FSB

June 15, 2013

The South African Financial Services Board is breaking new records all the time to protect the poor investor. Having first originated from small beginnings as 825 salaried clerks earning maybe as much as R500 per month in 1990 it has since grown into a Colossus of efficiency.

They grabbed the opportunities given to them and created more, privatized the place and moved into their own brand new plush air-conditioned palace of grandeur on one of the Hills overlooking the Capital City and set about to prove that they are in business.

They drew the very cream of the crop to grow into a staff of several thousand experts on every operation in finance, drawing salaries where R 20 000 per month is for the beginners level; senior executives soon broke the million a year barricade in addition to lucrative private speaking fees to Investor Clubs and participating operators in the Industry.

Look what they just discovered.

To crown it all I am given to understand that they are about to reveal and pull the plug on old mysteries that have intrigued the Nation for years. I shall merely mention the names that I have personal knowledge of but they will, of that I am sure, nail the crooked dealers in no time now that the dust has settled on the J Arthur Brown case.

1. The TMA Insider Trading Complaint lodged 1998.

2. The Fedsure acquisition of TMA as a fully owned Fedsure Operator.

3. Fedsure’s unauthorized exposure and hence full control over TMA and Saambou by end 2000 that finally led to the collapse of Saambou and Fedsure by 2002 while TMA succumbed to new owners Investec, with all the bits and pieces that remained of Fedsure and Saambou shared across the spectrum.

4. The Great Alexander Forbes Mystery Millions. This was first exposed by a small dissatisfied pension Fund Member but soon broke into a rush when a few more visited the holy soil and the modern offices of the conglomerate. AF started paying millions and must still finalize all the claims but I am sure our FSB will attend to the lack of enthusiasm displayed by greed and AF hard nuts.

5. Then there is of course the Great Sanlam Pensioners Medical Aid. Why it should have taken 15 years to get to court and why the court proceedings took place behind closed doors may soon expose the open sewage. The last I heard about the matter was early in 2011 when the Cape Supreme Court in a closed session ordered Sanlam to pay, and to pay in full by instructing Sanlam to cooperate with the Medical Aid in the calculation of the Final Quantum for the Court to issue the final verdict and the corresponding order for Sanlam to pay up.

6. Following on that I hope the FSB will be free to start looking at what was first the “bundling of companies” under control from Bellville Western Cape by 1988 or thereabouts, that followed by a veritable rush of “unbundling” in the 90’s and the evaporation of Pension Fund Excess Reserve Funds that accumulated during the “bundling period” resulting in huge amounts of Pension Fund Reserves acquired in the “bundling race” of the time.

The Court has decided on Brown. Perhaps the FSB was unduly upset about the long time it took; their Senior Manager was interviewed on a leading Radio Panel discussion that was broadcasted live about ten days before the Brown verdict. The FSB Speaker lamented about the time, about plea bargain processes but at the end expressed the sure opinion that they “now had their man” and confidently predicted at least 15 years behind bars for Brown. When the Court decided otherwise another FSB stalwart challenged Brown to a duel and threatened that it will be different when Mister Brown faces the FSB direct.

The jury is still to sit on Walker; perhaps the eager for justice FNB prattler as mentioned in the Link of the previous paragraph should rein in his enthusiasm to rid the South African Society of crime by attending to paragraphs 1 through 6 above.

Alternatively, why do I get the feeling that it may be time for a forensic investigation into the FSB; it would go a long way towards removing my doubts and those of the general investing public if we could find out Who the FSB Executives work for; who are their Masters; who Funds them and who hand them their mandates.. I am known for satire but I would consider changing my mind following an FSB forensic investigation by an independent body, say [i.e.] the Radio, Fin24 or even someone directly appointed by Finance Minster Pravin Gordhan, reporting the findings direct to the Cabinet.

Ikepedia on SA Financial Regulators reminding me of American Financial Regulators and other Oscar winning Broadway Shows

June 10, 2013

Let’s rock baby; well, I am rocking, shaking, stirring and generally raising hell.

This is an email I received:

“Commence quoting”

A 34 year old journalist has single handedly exposed a deceitful scheme involving the major South African banks.

Peter Moyo from SABC3’s Special Assignment is a hero.

Maintaining journalistic integrity at all times, Peter and his camera man Casher, flew around the country to examine every side of the story. The result:


A secret and devious scheme, called securitisation, is being run by the banks and their lawyers. They have illegally repossessed homes, cars and stolen our livelihoods. This kind of underhanded activity has placed this country in a serious economic crisis.

The combined intellect and resources of the South African legal system, and those government institutions specifically set up to monitor this kind of thing, achieved absolutely nothing. In fact, the banks and the Judiciary are actively trying to punish NewERA for bringing this evidence to their attention. [See here.]

Yet, in just one month, a lone journalist has researched, understood and exposed the cover-up.

The implications are wild. If the banks are not disclosing this scheme in their financial statements, then this may be so serious that it could involve criminal action against their directors. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Peter Moyo, you are a testimony to South Africa. You are the kind of investigative journalist that freedom fighters twice your age fought so hard to cultivate. On behalf of the New Economic Rights Alliance, we congratulate and solute you.

Watch part 1 of Special Assignment here:

A Complaint Rampage

We, the people, are supporting Peter by going on a complaint rampage. Complain to the NCR here. Demand a Commission of Enquiry from the minister here. Complain to the JSE here and expose the scheme to the FSB here. Demand transparency from your bank here and, finally, complain to the banking ombudsman here. Make your voice heard. The truth is out. Send this letter to the world.

…and, while you are about it, send a message to SABC3 here congratulating them and Peter for producing this story.

PS. For further research, see

“End of quote”

Care to join us? I gotta find that link and you will laugh; boy, yeah ain’t evvah gonna stop laughing.


A World Day for Gold

June 4, 2013

I watch things on the JSE in Johannesburg South Africa every day; been doing it for years; keep my own brand of stats on it.

A while ago Fin24 published a splendid Reuters Article on Gold’s Milestones:

I complimented the author on the statistics and the excellent manner in which it was presented to the readers. I have also written in many other places about other statistics that have had an influence, or were influenced by the gold price as set out in the timeframes of the Reuters piece.

The frantic volatile gyrating of gold and commodity prices over the past few months, last week in particular, and finally yesterday on the JSE will, I predict, today decide the future of Gold.

People forget how little gold there is in the World, compared to, say, tomatoes; the latter is also an edible commodity for the hungry, unlike gold which has no real intrinsic value.

Will Gold move up today, or will it crash? I shall be sitting glued to the Fin24 Dashboard. It may be that the final picture will come as a video series or a movie that is shot over several weeks or months and in many locations.

However or whenever it is finalized won’t matter; the first pictures when the movie hits the wide screens will be those of this day Tuesday, 04 June 2013 as will be recorded from our JSE at closing time shortly after 17:00 this afternoon.

Americans should take note:

I am doing battle with hi-tech again; if my links don’t come through as they should I shall try to get them in using a comment.