A World Day for Gold

I watch things on the JSE in Johannesburg South Africa every day; been doing it for years; keep my own brand of stats on it.

A while ago Fin24 published a splendid Reuters Article on Gold’s Milestones:


I complimented the author on the statistics and the excellent manner in which it was presented to the readers. I have also written in many other places about other statistics that have had an influence, or were influenced by the gold price as set out in the timeframes of the Reuters piece.

The frantic volatile gyrating of gold and commodity prices over the past few months, last week in particular, and finally yesterday on the JSE will, I predict, today decide the future of Gold.

People forget how little gold there is in the World, compared to, say, tomatoes; the latter is also an edible commodity for the hungry, unlike gold which has no real intrinsic value.

Will Gold move up today, or will it crash? I shall be sitting glued to the Fin24 Dashboard. It may be that the final picture will come as a video series or a movie that is shot over several weeks or months and in many locations.

However or whenever it is finalized won’t matter; the first pictures when the movie hits the wide screens will be those of this day Tuesday, 04 June 2013 as will be recorded from our JSE at closing time shortly after 17:00 this afternoon.

Americans should take note:


I am doing battle with hi-tech again; if my links don’t come through as they should I shall try to get them in using a comment.

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