When Barry meets his Uncle Jake the Snake

Young Barrie will soon arrive in South Africa; thus many question marks are circulating on when we will have a successor for the Great Nelson, now seemingly on his last legs. Will he, Barry the Great, anoint a successor for the ailing incumbent? After all, Barry being a Son of Africa; who will he select?

Questions, questions, and more questions.

Will it be Zuma?


Or will it be Julius Malema?


Or will a fairy revive the charisma of the man that once charmed a World that wanted to be charmed; that was indeed sufficiently charmed to erect a giant statue for him during his lifetime and display it in Trafalgar Square with the other Greats of England.


Barry should do some homework before he meets old Jake the Snake of the forty wives. Maybe he can even learn something from his visit. There always being a small hope for miracles however dark the hour is, and well, Barry having once said that he does remember and understands the issues about the land of his Fathers may be the man for the time.

Realists in Africa will in the meantime bet their money on the fairy.

Roll along, young Man. It may just be your finest hour.

2 Responses to “When Barry meets his Uncle Jake the Snake”

  1. JP Says:

    Refuse bad service – Sisulu

    This woman seems to have her head on straight. Anoint her.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Surprise JP. If Livingstone meets him he will have to say “Doktoro Barry, I presume, fancy meeting you here Doktoro, all the way from Chicago, via Hawaii, Indonesia, and now Kenya. Welcome to the Fatherland, Doktoro, from Wits it is, indeed, I presume.”

      More to follow.

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