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Mangosuthu Buthelezi the Man

July 23, 2013

For a nice picture to enlarge or reduce it in size and for your personal use click on Gatsha [his birth name] right below here.

Gatsha 20130717

Son of the People of all South Africa

This is my second WordPress Article about the Great Man.

If you have any interest in South Africa or if you need to know the truth about this anguished Land make some time and read this:

Yes, it is a massive piece of work and may take you weeks to read all of it. If you don’t at least next time you come across an expert know-all just ask him/her whether they have.

It’s about the Man as a child, student, husband, father and grandfather; no one else encompasses greater integrity, sacrifice and service to his People than this Man.

Look out for more; just watch this space.

Hey, I found the missing Picture

July 17, 2013

Joe and the Bama at their 58th State Beach Front Resort.

Joe and the Bama at their 58th State Beach Front Resort.

All I need to do now is to find a way to get the picture published. Help needed urgently. Please write to my email address as at the bottom. Or you can find it here:

Read all of the rest in:

Go visit, Folks; just go once and you will want to relocate and stay forever. I believe that the Bama invited his new friend old Jake the Snake of the forty wives when they all met during the Bama’s recent whirlwind jaunt around our shores. Old Jake is apparently very excited about the invitation and you surely don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to meet him; just lock up your wife and daughters when he arrives.

Introducing Chieftain Mangosuthu Buthelezi

July 8, 2013

I am immensely proud to present you with the first Post to introduce the unsung but not forgotten Hero of South African Politics.

It is the first of a series on this remarkable man; others will follow and I may even update this one; we will see how it goes.

Chief Mangosuthu is probably the most noteworthy authority on politics in Africa but he is also a gentle unassuming man quietly serving his country; he doesn’t seek glory or self aggrandizement, or money. He is a true son of the Nation and a Great but humble server of the People.

For starters read him on race relationships.

To be continued.