The Mystery of the Missing Day

Folks, this is serious. The missing day is back but I don’t know which slot they put it in, and another one disappeared to make it two within the space of one week.

It’s all very confusing but I have called Inspector Columbo [you should remember him] and the well-known French Inspector Clouseau in.

The mystery deepens literally by the Day. It seems they tried to slip the first missing one back in through the back door at the Stock Exchange but that upset the routine because we are not geared for 2013 to leap a day in August. So they removed another one; it looks like Thursday 8th was wiped off the slate.

I shall keep you informed but of one thing I am sure; taking days off, bringing them back in exchange for another one may confuse our financial gurus and we end up with a Day Exchange iso a Stock Exchange; heck, they can steal more than our government regime and your bunch combined.

The Inspectors are now on it and we have the Russian, French and Chinese Authorities on standby; they have promised all the help we may need. Watch this space.

Keep this Post with the other one:

Having Friday as Women’s Day we have an obligatory long weekend to make it a long wait for Monday to come before we can even start to look what they have done to the past Thursday. And I get the feeling that they are onto me; my WordPress connection went down and I will have to find someone with a safe reliable computer to publish this Post. Who knows what will happen next? All I can do is wait for Monday night to find out whether Thursday is maybe on its way back.

Can you locate George Sorrows or Snowden, or both? Maybe they know.

These Day Thieves have planned this one to perfection.

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  1. ruaan Says:

    i like it…

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