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Presidential Dignity

September 25, 2013

Ikepedia on Perex

September 4, 2013

There will be more on the wonderful World of Perex soon; for now this is a test to find out whether I can get it into a WordPress Post on the silly plastic box that they call a computer standing on my desk.

Computers are a curse on humanity regardless of what people say to the contrary. I still think that the World was a better place before computers; the Internet is a menace, a tool of iniquity and indeed at the heart of the problems facing the world today. It will be our downfall I predict.

Perex on the other hand is an old Science that flourished for a while during the Colonial Period. Then it virtually disappeared; the World was taken by storm with new aberrations of science like Evolution [imagine calling that a science]; the quest for money subsequently wiped it out but the basics steadfastly remained and has now appeared by reintroduction of the basic principles through hard work, application of mind and research by the Jaksonian Institute of Natural and Human Sciences. It is therefore clearly a Science.

The work to establish and have it recognized has been arduous but it has now paid off. It will take some space to publish all of it and I shall make an early start with the first installment.

Well, let me now try WordPress first.

Snow on Table Mountain 2013, August 31st

September 1, 2013

We have never in my lifetime of 73 years had snow on Table Mountain.

If it were to happen, we would have said two months ago, let it be in middle to end June, but a month into spring, NO NOT EVER.

Then it happened. We are sitting in the middle of a deep freeze. Temperatures that should have been 15C [plus minus 60F] night time with daytime 23 to 28C [mild 70 ties in F] dropped to 30 ties and maybe 40 in some places.

Get Al Gore! If he doesn’t have any Global Warming tell him to find some and send it down here; on the double.