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Mandela and I, Part One by Ike Jakson

December 16, 2013

Well, things stranger than this have happened; observers looking for the truth have seen it before.

An American Friend asked me for my view on this Post:
By Thomas Fleming, Wall Street Journal – July 4, 2012
I read it with great interest; a fond smile spread over my old countenance because I had read it all before and it is well documented in a book titled The Teeth of the Children; well I mean that the relevant Post is a short version of the whole thing in The Teeth.

The Post reminds me of a guy who on seeing this huge miracle wanted to see it in greater detail thus took a set of binoculars, turned them around and wrote the Post that my Friend above passed on to me.

The Teeth in the book is the entire story of Colonialism, the entire mess and the Glory as seen over a lifetime by an independent observer looking in and around the Globe with a hundred binoculars and sets of microscopes from the correct sides of the instruments; thus enlarging the images to notice the similarities and the differences from up close.

America is still a fine land; in fact, as you should well know or try to understand, the land doesn’t change, climate change or Global Warming notwithstanding but the people change and if you allow them to mess around too much they will pretty soon do so AND MAKE A GOOD JOB OF IT!

This is the aftermath of the events in the Post my Friend sent me.

A bunch of Americans went off the rails when they brought Hawaii into the fold; the mistake was understandable but it remained a mistake. America had finally given women the suffrage in 1920 but without knowing that a fellow name of Kennedy would arrive in 1960 and made their second mistake when they elected him to the White House.

Whilst they were in the process of electing the fool nobody knew that a young upstart by the name William Jefferson Clinton would meet a filly name of Hillary Rodham to make the forth mistake. Don’t misunderstand me now; be assured that I know how to count from 1 to 9; it was therefore, not at all an error in counting that occurred on my part. I had decided to do so after much thought and deliberation; the third mistake was electing Carter in 1976 and when the Hillbillies took over in 1992 it was over for America of the 50 States, which should have been and stayed 49 as I implied above.

The two Clinton miscreants threw out Liberty for the Individual, Liberalism of the grand old day’s way back until Truman that might still have saved the Democratic Party. In its stead the scene was set for a new kind of Freedom as was never intended by the fine Englishman and other noble ones when they set about gaining an Independent Republic in 1776 thus followed the election of the Bama in 1908. You must understand that the latter is not the disease but rather only the symptoms of the cancer that was already eating away at the heart of the Nation.

It is otherwise a fine Post my old Friend and present day Americans should read and save it for their children. There never was much wrong with Colonialism; in fact, who will be brave enough to tell me what the World would have been without it? Yes Sirree, were it not for Colonialism of the Day where and what would you have been?

Colonialism is blamed for many “wrongs” but those that point the finger easily forget the good things it brought to the Colonies and the indigenous inhabitants at the time.

It’s really a pity about Hawaii. Things would have been so much different if you had just given it to Japan in the first place.

Think about it. AMERICA WAS NOT IN THE WAR, RIGHT? Now, if they were not, what on earth were all those ships doing in Pearl Harbor? Did the Admirals really think that with that deadly armada right on their doorsteps the Japs would send their children over for sight-seeing vacations in Paradise, all with cameras in hand spreading goodwill amongst the Nations of the World? It was America’s very first mistake.

Compliments to my Friend, Nolanimrod of Upper New York State

Part two to follow next, and then the others.