Hi Nimrod, I am doing my best

I so want to get this little Post Published.

 Let me explain something to you as an American; one day when Politicians of Carter and his ilk in your Land have taken the blinkers off they may understand the relevance of Africa.

 If your son invites you over to their house telling you that they have a surprise for you and upon your arrival his wife comes out with a tiny parcel like in your pics, you will probably exclaim to the entire World:

 Aha, it is a baby.

 Now you translate that into Dutch and you will get

 A, dis ‘n baba.

 The ‘dis’ means ‘it is’ and the ‘n for a like in a baby.  Now you put it all together and you will have:

 A dis a baba, as in Ah, it is a baby above.  In fact, quite exact.

 The current South Africa had her fate decided between Carter, Zurich [Swiss] and Adis Ababa.

 It will be in my book.


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2 Responses to “Hi Nimrod, I am doing my best”

  1. nolanimrod Says:

    And it will be a book like none other. Well, it will have a cover and pages, and the pages will be numbered, in that it will be like other books, but otherwise it will be the world’s strangest and most remarkable book. We await. Impatiently, perhaps, but wait we must so we await.

    • Ike Jakson Says:

      Quite correct Nimrod; indeed remarkable it will be but also the truth about the colonial period and what it made of us today.


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