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Born Free 1994, April 27th

April 27, 2014

South Africans are today celebrating 20 years of Independence since the arrival of Democracy and Freedom from oppression under our Colonial Past.

Based on the number of children enrolling for final matriculation exams per annum and allowing for a reasonable percentage of them not completing their matriculation the country probably produced about 1500 new babies on that fateful day 20 years ago today.

What I would love to see are the statistics on the people born during the 24 hours comprising that day, what happened to them, where they are today etc etc. We have managed to produce the most awful statistics on babies born out of wedlock in recent years [the young mothers at fourteen or sixteen still at school], gang rape, murder but nothing else to show what Freedom has delivered.

I would like to see similar statistics in another twenty years on the little ones born today.

What I fear is the inconvenient truth that to most South Africans Apartheid [a Dutch word meaning separate development of races and later called Apart Hate by the Mandela regime], well that Apartheid is today deeper entrenched in our Society than ever before; the Apartheid Government has gone but in its place we now have a fast growing Class Apartheid between the Haves and the Have Nots.

We have so many examples. I wanted to do a Post and title it ‘Of Bees and Honey’ when I realized that it would be more fitting to call it ‘Of BEES and Money’ but gave up on it for the time being because I must now conserve my remaining eye.

The story will follow as it unfolds; have a good laugh while you wait.

The first link comes from a past Mandela fan turned rogue:

This one named her the Queen BEE:

She almost got the opposition nomination to oppose Jakes Zuma for the Presidential election just around the corner; lucky for the country that enough people who can recognize an opportunist when they see one dropped their blinkers in the nick of time.

Do pass the link to this Post on to Jimmy Carter; he worked so hard to push what he wanted for us down our throats that he should be a happy guy today.

Wish us well, please.

Tomorrow and Freedom 20 years ago in 1994

April 26, 2014

Twenty years ago today April 26th the last person was born in bondage under the ruthless oppression of an evil Government in South Africa; it is estimated that the last day in bondage produced approximately 1370 new babies.

There is no reason that the number of births the next day 1994, April 27th would have been different. Only that they were born Free at Last to quote MLK Jnr.

I shall publish a Post on the free 1370 by tomorrow but the headline in the link to follow describes Freedom 20 years later so well.

You may well ask “Be this Freedom?”

Read the Article and the comments before you forward it to Obama, Hillary, and William Jefferson et al. Don’t forget to forward it to the World Bank, Human Aid and Starvation Prevention United Nations Agencies all over the World.

Free at last, yes Sir. There is only one wee point of concern. The poor of 1994 are now dirt poor and hungry while the previously oppressed 1% of 1% of the total population, i.e. therefore .0001% of the total population [about 5000 ministers, ministerial assistants and six to ten Comrades each to guard their flanks and rear] are living in the lap of obscene luxury.

See here:

And here:

Be this Freedom?

Well I am Free. Mandela set me free twenty years ago.

In Dutch we say

April 17, 2014

Well, we would say “Dis nou fokken snaaks.”

Read the Article and the first two comments in this link:

It can only happen in South Africa. The whole darn JSE Stock Exchange goes down when a few copper cable thieves need some wire for the black market..

Hoi for Toi is the expression we use when we are surprised by an everyday event for which they will hang you in China. Here we laugh it off.