Tomorrow and Freedom 20 years ago in 1994

Twenty years ago today April 26th the last person was born in bondage under the ruthless oppression of an evil Government in South Africa; it is estimated that the last day in bondage produced approximately 1370 new babies.

There is no reason that the number of births the next day 1994, April 27th would have been different. Only that they were born Free at Last to quote MLK Jnr.

I shall publish a Post on the free 1370 by tomorrow but the headline in the link to follow describes Freedom 20 years later so well.

You may well ask “Be this Freedom?”

Read the Article and the comments before you forward it to Obama, Hillary, and William Jefferson et al. Don’t forget to forward it to the World Bank, Human Aid and Starvation Prevention United Nations Agencies all over the World.

Free at last, yes Sir. There is only one wee point of concern. The poor of 1994 are now dirt poor and hungry while the previously oppressed 1% of 1% of the total population, i.e. therefore .0001% of the total population [about 5000 ministers, ministerial assistants and six to ten Comrades each to guard their flanks and rear] are living in the lap of obscene luxury.

See here:

And here:

Be this Freedom?

Well I am Free. Mandela set me free twenty years ago.


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