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Of Mice and Billary’s Living History

May 31, 2014

You gotta see this:

For an insight into the life and values of the great American Blogger, read his comment in my Post:

For more on Rednecking, just Google for it.

For more of Mice and Nonsense on History read Billary’s book titled Living History; keep a vomit bag at your side.

Of May 31st and other dates

May 31, 2014

So much history has been re-written that the young of today often don’t know who their fathers were; often in fact, even the mother can’t tell who the father of her newborn baby is.

This day 104 years ago [on a Tuesday that year] was Union Day in South Africa. Four years later Sunday May 31st is quoted by some historians as the day the first events occurred that lead to Great Britain declaring war on Germany August 4th of the same year.

The young South Africa went through a bloody rebellion between those who still abhorred England and hated her for the Boer War of 1999 to 1902 and thus sympathized with Germany but common sense prevailed and we gallantly fought alongside England to beat the beast.

For 50 years we built on the development of a strong nation and celebrated Union Day.

Is it not a coincidence that Nelson Mandela was born on July 18th of 1918 [thus before the end of that War] and thirty years later started his terrorist life to destroy what we had built, first landing in prison in 1957 and soon after that England’s McMillan and America’s Kennedy, to be completed by Carter decided that South Africa would have to go?

But we managed to hang in there celebrating our Union Day until 1993; some still remember who their fathers were though those who don’t followed the hoax Mandela became.

He got his statue on Trafalgar; we know our fathers and will always remember May 31st of 1910. We know that we handed the present incumbents in power a strong clean nation rich in mineral wealth with a highly developed modern economy no matter how much or how long they will try to re-write history; it’s our history and we shall honor it regardless; we shall never forget.

40 Today

May 30, 2014

Somebody is 40 today; she is of course not the only one past that milestone but she is our daughter.

One finally enters adulthood at this milestone and leaves the burdens and anxiety [and the “how clever I am?”] of adolescence behind forever. I am referring to adolescence between 30 and 39, that awful period of being neither fish nor flesh, too mature to mess around with twenty year olds who know everything but not yet adult to understand what 40 and beyond will want from you.

Age 40 to 55 is the most beautiful years of human life. Physically male and female are at their peak; to reach their spiritual peak they must now mix with the early fifties soon to be 55 and finally prepare for the beauty of the sixty years old.

We are Dutch South Africans; 100 years ago our forbearers were proper Dutch but when good Old England incorporated us in the ways of the British Commonwealth in 1910 most in our family made the choice. This beautiful highly qualified professional daughter [a gift from heaven] could speak, read and write English and Afrikaans before she entered school at the age of 6 after 4 years in a bilingual nursery school.

We are proud of our Dutch Heritage and Colonial England for making this country a land to be proud of and she went one step further when she got her medical degree to move to England where she has since added three specialist degrees from Edinburgh Scotland and London University.

Her finest hour arrived when she was asked to represent England as an Official delegate to a large Medical Congress held in San Francisco USA a few months ago.

Go well my dear; you are an adult at last. We are proud of you.

I shall write more about you and our Country in the time ahead. God Speed to you; show them the stuff that made us what we are.

Don’t let anyone mess with your Dutch or British ancestry. We have every reason to be proud of what we brought to this land and what we contributed to make it the powerhouse of the entire Continent.

Go with God.