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Of Gaps and Definitions

August 23, 2014

So many gaps but few definitions, one can say. We tend to talk about all the gaps; we actually fight about them because we don’t share the same definitions or we can’t agree on them.

Let us take some everyday examples.

Many [most?] arguments often relate to money; some of us don’t agree right at the start about the definition of money. For instance, is today’s money real or not?

But let us just say money is the commodity that you use to pay for things and that you normally have to get that money from some effort or activity.

If we succeed in that we still have to define a host of gaps and things related to money. I will mention only the most common ones; please note that I am not going to define them at this time.

In money we have an Income Gap, a Wage Gap, an Earnings Gap, a so-called Gender Gap, a Salary Gap, a Wealth Gap and the obvious natural Currency Gap. Every single one of these things is vastly different from one another and needs to be defined in context in the situation where one is talking from.

Let me throw some confusion around. Wealth in India, America, Russia, and China [I can go on and on] is simply not the same, firstly for the currencies but also depend on the Education Gap, the Experience Gap, the Effort Gap and the Productivity Gap before you can even mention a probable definition of Wealth. Money alone cannot make you wealthy; the poor man may be rich in knowledge, practical experience, in his family life and personal standing in his community.

Allow me a silly one. In the days of our youth way back now, a silly boxing promoter saw a lot of money in a seven foot tall guy name of Ewald Potgieter and talked him onto the ring. Poor Ewald won a few bouts with his four foot long arms and then every little guy hit his brains out. What I am saying is that there is another natural gap; some call it the Equality Gap and others name it the Inequality Gap. That’s a lot of nonsense, as is proved by the case of Ewald the Boxer. There is a vast gap between a seven foot and a five foot six guy in the boxing ring or outside it; leave out the nonsense of race, gender, or all the other things.

Let us without further ado conclude with the growing Communication Gap. Information, Technology and the Media, are supposed to bridge the Communication Gap to make it easier for us to understand each other, to enhance Education and Knowledge. Yes, and that is what they do, you will say.

No, you are wrong if you think that is the case. There is an Article running right now on a feud [some say] in the South African Media about who owns or should own some small local News Media Group. The Media is used to divide instead of uniting us.

Go ahead; don’t let me handle it all alone; write your Articles about all the Gaps and publish them. Somebody said to me many years ago that a good statistician must learn how to read the bottom line. Please define and include your definitions; they are the bottom line for any debate to bring us together, or at least assist us to narrow the Gaps of divide.